Blogmas Day 8- Travel Lover's Gift Guide

Happy Blogmas Day 8! If you've been racking your brain trying to find that perfect gift for that friend who loves traveling more than anything (aka me!) or you just want to treat yourself (no judgement), here are a few ideas!

1. Sleep Eye Mask- If you've ever taken a redeye flight or a long haul you know that, getting good sleep on the plane is a must. Block out those pesky reading lights your seat mate is using or those harsh overhead plane lights with a blackout eye mask.

2. Swell water bottle- Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Planes are very drying and it can be annoying to always get up to ask for a cup of water, so ask the flight attendant to fill up your water bottle when you board the plane. The water bottle will come in handy again during your explorations when there are no convenience stores to be found or when you don't feel like dropping another $4 for a bottle of water.

3. Passport holder- Protect your passport! I learned a lesson while studying abroad when rain dampened my passport, which had been in my non-waterproof backpack without a protector on, and went through a moment of panic that the passport would be unusable for my travel home. Luckily, that wasn't the case, but after that I consistently store my passport in a cute holder at all times.

4. Tumi Backpack- I've been using this Tumi backpack for about 2 years now and its my travel go to bag. There is a strap at the back of the bag that conveniently allows you to hook the bag on suitcase handles without falling. The backpack also has a built in laptop sleeve and miscellaneous pockets all over. 

5. Giant Toiletries Bag- You'll want to get one that can hold larger items, such as contact solution or lotion. Just in case spills happen while your bag is in motion, at least its contained within just the toiletries bag (I've learned this the hard way).

6. Nike Sneakers- Forget beauty, comfort is #1 to me when on a vacation where I have to walk a lot. The worst thing that can happen to you is getting blisters (that bleed) and having to cut your day plans short so you can go back to the hotel to bandage up. My Nike sneakers are the most comfortable shoes I own and a must for when I travel. Whether its an 8 hour walk around Paris or a hike up the Yellow Mountains in China, my Nikes have never betrayed me!

7. Sunglasses- It doesn't matter where you go, the sun is everywhere. But you definitely don't want it in your eyes. Investing in a pair of good sunglasses (and remembering to pack it) can be a lifesaver.

8. Sony Alpha A6000 Camera- Sadly, a vacation doesn't last forever. But luckily, pictures do! My tech saavy friends all recommended this camera because of its high quality picture taking abilities, but also its small convienent size.

9. Selfie Stick- Traveling by yourself? Never fear! You can still have great photos without having to bother that sketchy or annoyed stranger. The selfie stick has also helped me capture those photos that require a higher angle. I'm able to see above the crowds!

10. World Map- This is something that I've always wanted to have, but currently don't have the space for. I've seen on giant maps on walls where travelers will put a star or pin on the locations they've been. Its just an awesome visual reminder of all the places you've experienced and all the other places you have left to explore.