Blogmas Day 7- Best Christmas Vacations

Every Christmas it's been my family's tradition to go on a family vacation instead of ringing in the holidays at home. So far on past Christmas Days we have swam with the sharks off an island in Belize, posed for photos with Mickey and Minnie in DisneyWorld, skied for the first time in Vail, and sipped hot chocolate from a cabin in New Mexico. This will actually be the first year in a while where we will simply be enjoying Christmas at home in Texas and while I'm looking forward to finally putting Christmas gifts under a tree and eating a homecooked holiday meal, I'm also kind of bummed that we aren't traveling. ALTHOUGH, we are in family discussions as to where to go for 2018 Christmas! The issue with traveling during the winter time is that many placend feels somewhat less enjoyable when there is high winds whipping your face or you're so bundled up you can't even see your face in photos. That then leaves the classic island vacation, which in my opinion, can get kind of old after a while (especially if you have an active family like mine). I've been racking my brain trying to find the perfect Christmas vacation spot and here is what I've come up with. Disclaimer- These are the types of vacations I feel is best for my family based on our personalities. You may enjoy snow related activities that we typically stay far far away from.

1. Edinburgh, Scotland- I watch the Youtuber, Zoella's vlogs religiously and every December for her Vlogmas videos she always makes a trip to Scotland for the giant Christmas market, Edinburgh's Christmas. This Christmas market honestly looks like the most amazing thing ever. There are a variety of food vendors (think churros dipped in chocolate with coffee), tons of shopping, Christmas themed rides, and even a Christmas tree maze! Despite the freezing weather, I would love to go to Edinburgh one day and experience Christmas at its fullest.

2. Sydney, Australia- Since Australia is below the equator, it's actually summer there when it is winter in the US, which equals the perfect winter time destination. Plus, who hasn't heard of the gigantic New Year's Eve celebration that occurs at the Sydney Opera House? Add that to the fact that there are plenty of opportunities to interact with cute koala bears and kangaroos and you've got yourself a wonderful vacation.

3. Cancun, Mexico- If you aren't looking forward to a 15+ hour flight to Australia or simply don't have that many PTO days left, Cancun may be a much better suited destination for you as its only a 2 hour flight from Texas and a 4.5 hour flight from New York. Just imagine all the margaritas you could be sipping on those perfectly white sandy beaches and the colorful fish you could be snorkeling with in those clear blue waters.

4. San Diego, California- Don't have your passport ready? This even temperatured California city may be your perfect fit. It doesn't have the crazy traffic of LA nor the crazy weather of San Francisco. The city offers the beautiful Balboa Park, adorable pandas at the Zoo, and a stunning waterfront. What more can you ask for?

5. Bahamas- If you are looking for a vibe similar to Cancun, look no further than the Bahamas because this tiny island country also offers beautiful beaches and lots of water activities. You can also swim with wild pigs! Definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.


Have any of you guys ever visited any of these spots? Or did this list spark future vacation ideas?