Atlanta Food Tour

I guess it can be said that I went to Atlanta to eat because I probably ate at a record number of places in my 3 days there. I didn't realize how many amazing restaurants the city had until I started researching (and drooling). I was obviously expecting to eat tons of delicious Southern food, but I was surprised at how much Asian or Asian fusion food there was. If you want to visit a city with a variety of high quality foods, I would strongly recommend Atlanta because you can eat yourself into a food coma everyday! If you want to see what I did in Atlanta besides eating, check out my Best of Atlanta blog post here.

Poor Calvin's

Thai fusion food with a Southern twist. That's how I would describe the mouthwatering Poor Calvin's. We luckily made a reservation because within 10 minutes of the restaurant opening, there was a line out the door of customers wanting  table. I took that as a sign that the food is good! And I definitely was not disappointed. The portions are HUGE. I ordered the fried chicken with a sweet potato waffle and was shocked at how much food came out. It wasn't New York portion size for sure!

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Mary Mac's Tea Room

I had heard amazing things about Mary Mac's from online reviews and recommendations from friends so I was really looking forward to trying the Southern food here. Unfortunately, the wait on a Saturday night was way too long for me (and I was starving) so I got my dinner to go to eat at home. Maybe this impacted the taste because I felt that the food was no more special than any other Southern restaurant I had previously eaten at. The fried chicken was well seasoned and crispy and the mac and cheese was perfectly baked and not swimming in excessive cheese. Was I happy over the outcome of the food? Yes. However, was I happy that I didn't waste my time waiting for a table for the food? Yes. My biggest tip for eating here is to either come early, come on a weekday, or just order takeout.

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Jeni's Ice Cream

SO DELICIOUS. Jeni's was the dessert I was most excited for in Atlanta and it definitely didn't disappoint. For a popular ice cream shop, the prices were also very reasonable. I was able to get 3 scoops of ice cream for only $6- in New York this probably would have cost $9. The flavors were so unique, although they did have the typical cookies and creme and vanilla. I went with the pistachio honey, gooey ooey cake, and maple brown sugar brittle (best flavor). The Jeni's branch I went to was located inside an awesome little market, Krog Street Market. This market is actually connected to its sister market, Ponce City Market, by way of the Bridge Line. So you can work off those ice cream calories!

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Sublime Doughnuts

I arrived in Atlanta around midnight Friday night and didn't want to waste a second in getting started in my Atlanta adventures so I dragged my friend to get late night dessert at Sublime (which is open 24 hours). I spent so long trying to decide which donut to get that I'm pretty sure the guy behind the cash register lost his patience and just started telling me that everything is good (tbh it probably is). I ended up going with the butterscotch toffee and caramel donut because I love both toffee and caramel so I knew the combination would be mindblowing.

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Cypress Street Pint

By this time of the day, my friend and I were both stuffed from the food we had been eating throughout the day so we initially wanted to skip Cypress Street and just head home to bed. But since it was my last night in Atlanta, we decided to spend some more time together and instead headed to the bar for some snacks. I originally wanted to eat their famous donut burger, but since I wasn't too hungry, my friend and I shared this giant plate of chicken nachos which were delicious. I wish I had been in the mood for a drink because the list of beers they had available was so extensive!

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I wanted my last meal in Atlanta before heading to the airport to be mainly convenient because I wanted to be at the airport early. (airports definitely stress me out). Takorea was located near the subway station that would take me directly to Hartfield International Airport and was a Korean Mexican fusion restaurant so I figured it would be a good lunch spot. Having gone to college in Austin (king of fusion food basically), I'm no stranger to Korean Mexican food. Takorea is reasonably priced (but what in Atlanta isn't) and has a menu which specializes in tacos. Takorea wasn't as inventive as some of the other fusion restaurants I've tried in Austin, but those spicy fries were still yummy!

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Sweet Auburn BBQ

Sweet Auburn was actually opened by an older alum from my sorority's Alpha Chapter so I knew I wanted to try it out while I was in Atlanta. Although in my opinion no barbecue can compare to the offerings in Texas, Sweet Auburn was pretty good. I ordered the bbq plate, which came with two sides, and the amount of food (especially fries) that came was just too much for my stomach. BUT I still ate everything! I loved the tenderness of the brisket and the cheesiness of the mac and cheese, and most of all, the seasoning of the fries. 

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Sweet Hut Bakery

There isn't a Chinatown or Koreatown in downtown Atlanta (or in its immediate vicinity for that matter) so it was hard for me find a good bubble tea place but I wanted to have a drink anyways. After all, what is a vacation without bubble tea? My friend recommended Sweet Hut to me saying that it was also an Asian bakery as well. And who am I to say no to bread? If you're looking to hang out or even study in Atlanta, this is the place! The interior is quite large and beautifully decorated and the drinks, while a tad too sweet, are still a good choice.

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