Blogmas Day 14- NYC's Most Inventive Ice Cream Desserts

It seems like every few days another new dessert spot is opening with the newest fad of ice cream dessert. The more elaborate or unique looking or "Instagrammable" it is, the more popular it seems to be. While not all of these ice cream trends are actually delicious, I thought I would give you a rundown on some that I've come across in New York. Even though it's extremely cold in New York right now, I've always felt that ice cream (eaten indoors) is a year round dessert. Or maybe it's just because I can't ever resist anything sweet!

Chikalicious- I'm not sure who the mind behind these churro ice cream cones is, but he or she is brilliant! The churros are baked and not fried so the layers are perfectly flaky.

Ice Cream  2.jpg

Eggloo- Ice cream tacos in Hong Kong style egg waffles. These egg waffles were typical street snacks that I ate when I was studying abroad in Hong Kong 3 years ago and eating them now always reminds me of those fun filled days. Unlimited toppings are always a bonus too.

Ice Cream 4.jpg
Ice Cream 1.jpg

Ice and Vice- Colored cones and very odd ice cream flavors. They have all kinds of colored and flavored cones that are quite yummy. However, their ice cream flavors were a little too unique for my tastes and I ended up having to sample all the flavors before choosing one.

Taiyaki NYC- Japanese fish ice cream. Ice cream is placed inside the mouths of the fish shaped bread pastry, which also has a filling. Toppings are unlimited here as well. I love these fish pastries so this dessert was one of my favorites.

Ice Cream 6.JPG

Minus Celsius- Rolled ice cream. A trend that has caught on around the country and has spread like wildfire. It's fun to watch them make your rolls and even more fun adding a variety of toppings to it.

Ice Cream 3.jpg
Ice Cream 5.jpg

KITH- Ice cream with cereal mixed in. Out of this entire list of ice cream desserts, KITH was by far my most loved. The cereal mix in is a genius idea because the flavors combined work so well together. The portions are huge here so buying one for two people to share is more than enough.


Do you guys know of any other NYC ice cream dessert spots? I haven't tried Stax Ice Cream yet and it has 5 stars on Yelp so I have high hopes for it!