Blogmas Day 16- Rosemary's Brunch Review

Another Saturday, another brunch. Except this time some of my friends from Texas are in town! I racked my brain (as usual) trying to decide where to take them for a meal and chose Rosemary's because its located in West Village (which in my personal opinion is the best spot for brunch due to its cuteness overload) and because the space is quite large for a NYC restaurant (we had a total of 5 people). I didn't want my friends to experience the dark side of New York brunch (aka the long wait times) and I also wanted to try a new place that I had never gone before so Rosemary's seemed to be perfect for us. Bonus- it was so beautifully decorated for the holidays!

Rosemary's 1.jpg

Trying the rosemary focaccia was high on my list since the restaurant has its own rooftop herb garden where it grows its own fresh herbs. Coincidentally, all 3 of us ordered the rosemary club panini, which was on pressed focaccia bread. We also shared the fried fingerling potatoes. I personally liked the panini a lot and felt like it tasted very classic. The focaccia was fluffy and the herbs made it stand out more. Plus, it wasn't stuffed to the point where the sandwich was falling apart (one of my pet peeves).The potatoes, however, were very dry and overly crispy to the point where it was kind of hard to chew. Additionally, the potatoes didn't come with any type of dipping sauce that would have potentially made the potatoes less dry. Eventually we did ask for ketchup (they did not want to give us any mayo) and after that we found the potatoes to be actually pretty decent.

Rosemary's 2.jpg
Rosemary's 3.jpg
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Although I essentially only tried two of their many dishes (and they do have a decently long menu) I feel comfortable in giving Rosemary's 3.5 toasts. Their concept isn't to be vastly different or unique, but to just create reliable tasty food. That being said, I don't feel like that their food necessarily stood out to me in anyway. In the giant food scene that is New York, I think I would choose to try another restaurant over coming back to Rosemary's.