Blogmas Day 20- Dinner at Annabel's

Since I'm counting down the last few days until I leave for Texas, there is no point in buying a bunch of groceries that I won't be able to finish in a few days so I've been enjoying the New York dining scene. Something that I always overlook are restaurants that are located near where I live. I have the mentality that these restaurants will always be there so if I have the time and budget to eat out that I should go further out into the city. Then before I know it, I'm moving to a new neighborhood and those restaurants are no longer there for me to try. So I've made a consicous effort these past few months to try restaurants that are convinently located near my apartment. I have to take advantage of my Hell's Kitchen location! Tonight my friend and I dined at Annabel's, a classic American restaurant.

Annabel's menu is so extensive- probably one of the most extensive menus in the city (the longest menu ever goes to Shopsins though). There is something for everyone on the menu so its a great place for groups or just picky friends. Since my friend is extremely lactose intolerant and we wanted to share everything so we could taste more than one dish, we were unable to order the mac and cheese with pork rib (there's always next time!). But, we did have two awesome appetizers, the crispy shrimp tacos and the breaded calamari, which were delicious. My friend and I both agreed that the calamari was out of this world amazing. They were perfectly crispy without being too oily or overly fried. For our main dish we had the spicy sausage and broccoli rabe pizza, which turned out to be pretty good as well. The sausage was spicier than I expected, but not to the point that it overwhelmed the flavor of the pizza.

Annabel's 1.jpg
Annabel's 3.jpg
Annabel's 2.jpg

I'm giving Annabel's 4.5 toasts because while everything was perfect, I do wish the menu had a bit more unique choices. However, when it comes to making classic American food, Annabel's is definitely the place to go!