Blogmas Day 21- The Biggest Bowl of Hot Udon Noodles Ever (Tsurutotan Review)

Ever since I saw a picture of Tsurutotan's giant bowls of udon on Instagram, I've been dying to come and slurp my own bowl. Although I've always felt that udon is usually served in larger bowls, Tsurutotan definitely has some of the biggest bowls I've ever seen (hence the steeper price tag). They also have an extremely extensive udon menu (4 pages!), which provides a variety of broths that can't be found elsewhere. My biggest tip for eating here is to make a reservation before coming because its packed with people waiting and there aren't too many seats available. Also, come on an empty stomach! True to rumor, the bowls are HUGE and adding extra noodles is actually free so... never say no to free. I had to take some of my noodles and broth home because the sheer amount of food was too much for me.

My friend and I considered sharing one bowl and then a smaller appetizer, but our tastes are so different we couldn't agree on just one bowl. Instead, she ordered the spicy Tsurutotan udon and I ordered the creme mushroom and crab udon. The restaurant has two types of noodles, classic udon and super thin udon, for guests to choose from. Both of us stuck to the classic version since we prefer thicker noodles. Her spicy noodles weren't too spicy and my creme udon wasn't too creamy/cheesy so both bowls suited our tastes very well. The only thing was that the mushrooms in my broth were so big that I wish they had been cut into smaller pieces first before being thrown in. But other than that and the high price (although well deserved) I really loved this place and felt like Tsurutotan was really worth 5 toasts.

Giant Udon 1.jpg
Giant Udon 2.jpg
Giant Udon 3.jpg

I can't wait to come back and eat other bowls of udon on the menu!