The Perfect Day in Nyack, New York

As my days in New York neared the end, I made a conscious effort to explore outside of New York City more since I knew my opportunity window to see some cute New England towns was getting smaller and smaller. After reading my favorite blogger, Cest Christine’s blog post a few years back, I’ve had Nyack, New York on my list of places to visit but never had the chance to take the short trip upstate. I love exploring the unknown and choosing to visit places where the average tourist might not normally go and finding reasons why the place is actually worth visiting. Its also nice to change up the pace occasionally and explore somewhere that isn’t swamped with selfie stick wielding tourists and over photographed on Instagram. So when someone told me that they had never heard of Nyack, it made me even more determined to explore this cute upstate town. Upstate New York can be brutal during the winter season, so as soon as the weather calmed down in May I took a quick train ride up north on the Metro North. The train does not go directly to the town of Nyack, but there is a convenient bus that stops right outside Tarrytown train station that brings you the rest of the way. Nyack is full of sunny outdoor brunch restaurants and adorable little homes. My favorite stop was the glazed donut and icy Arnold Palmer at Boxer Donuts- so delicious and such a good find! I enjoyed a day of walking around the town and then stopping by the former Rockefeller estate, Kykuit, in Sleepy Hollow on my way back into Manhattan. Kykuit is only reachable by reserving a tour ticket as a special shuttle bus and guide brings you to the home for viewing. There are three different types of tours of Kykuit- some are longer and more in depth than others so choose wisely based on your available time. While photos aren’t allowed inside the grand mansion, there is plenty of photo taking opportunities on the expansive estate grounds.

Strawberry Place

Nyack 13.jpg

Downtown Nyack

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Nyack 3.jpg
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PickWick Book Shop

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Boxer Donut and Expresso Bar

Nyack 6.jpg

Kykuit Rockefeller Estate

Nyack 8.jpg
Nyack 12.jpg