Postcards from Luxembourg

I know its 2019 and I know I went to Europe back in Summer 2018, but as I spend a few much needed weekends back home in New York City, I thought I would share some posts from my previous travels that I was unable to post earlier. I had the opportunity to work from Brussels for two weeks due to a client being located out there and I took a few day trips on the weekend to see more of Europe. Seeing as how Luxembourg is a completely landlocked country that's known for being, well, tiny, I knew if I didn't take the chance to visit while in Belgium (one of its neighbors) I probably wouldn't ever go. Basically, I wanted to visit out of sheer curiosity so I took another Viator tour and headed to the Belgium border. If I could use one word to describe Luxembourg it would be YELLOW. Everywhere I looked I saw yellow. From the sunshine to the yellow painted buildings all my memories of Luxembourg are awash in yellow. The country is definitely small (there isn’t too much to do besides walk around and gawk at its natural beauty) so I would say a day trip is enough to get your fill of Luxembourg. I mostly walked around the city wall and the city center soaking in everything I could about this tiny country.

Luxembourg 4.jpg
Luxembourg 3.jpg
Luxembourg 6.jpg
Luxembourg 2.jpg
Luxembourg 7.jpg
Luxembourg 8.jpg
Luxembourg 9.jpg
Luxembourg 10.jpg
Luxembourg 11.jpg
Luxembourg 12.jpg

What do you guys think of Luxembourg? Would you visit?