Best of Savannah

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Labor Day Weekend. On one hand we have a free day off from work, but on the other hand Labor Day signifies the end of summer and the closure of a bunch of my favorite NYC summer activities (free kayaking, beach, seasonal rooftop bars). As a result, I rarely travel over this weekend because I want to soak in the last feels of New York summer life.

This year, however, my friend and I decided to make plans to visit Savannah, Georgia because we had seen photos of the charming Southern town on Instagram and instantly fell in love. The vacation was everything we dreamed of and more (even though I did forget my sunglasses and my iPhone officially went to heaven). Savannah was so cute! But fair warning, there was a lot of walking involved. Savannah did not have a good public transportation so it was either walk or Uber everywhere.

We relaxed by the pool of our amazing hotel, The Westin Savannah Resort and Spa (its actually located on its own island across from downtown Savannah!), and had an amazing view of the river. Tip- look for hotels on discount websites such as Priceline or Hotwire. That's actually how we ended up with The Westin! The hotel even provided a free ferry service to bring us across the river to downtown.

Savannah River.jpg

We took Instagram worthy photos at the Wormsloe Historic Site. I loved smelling (and seeing) the giant Spanish moss trees. And yes, my friend and I did bring our hats to Savannah! The site is huge and the road of trees actually last over a mile. The first mile is a working road so cars are coming in both directions. Its suggested to have your Uber drop you off at the end of this 1 mile road for photos of the trees without the disruption of cars passing. We didn't know this in advance (and we weren't going to walk the 1 mile) so we ended up jumping in and out of the road to take photos and avoid cars.

Wormsloe (Savannah).jpg

We toasted our Southern vacation on The Bohemian rooftop, where we again had amazing views of the river. My blueberry vodka lemonade was delicious!

Savannah Toast.jpg

We toured the beautiful Owen Thomas House and had the opportunity to learn more about Savannah’s history. I would recommend coming here earlier in the day to reserve your tour time. The tours book up fast and you're only able to view the house through a guided tour. They also only allow same day tour reservations so you can't pre-book.

Owen Thomas.jpg

We meandered around downtown Savannah and saw all these gorgeous squares and Forsyth Park.

Forsyth 2.jpg

I fell in love with the beautiful houses!

Savannah Home.jpg


Which picture of Savannah was your favorite? Have you guys been to any of these sites?