My 2018 Travel Plans

The new year is right has officially started and that means a whole entire year filled with endless travel opportunities! Because of my work schedule and different family obligations throughout the year, I try to plan my entire year's worth of travel at the beginning of the year just so I can properly allocate my time and money. Obviously, I have the spontaneous small trip here and there, but for the most part my bigger trips are set. This way I can take full advantage of any holidays and use my limited paid time off days to the fullest. People are always asking me how I travel so much and still have a full time job. This is my secret! I plan everything way in advance, utilize my vacation days wisely, and combine travel plans with holidays and weekends. While travel plans can change (life happens) throughout the year, at least I have an idea of what my goals are for the year.

My new year's resolution is the same every year- to travel to at least 3 foreign countries. I've been very lucky to be able to have accomplished this for the past 4 years. In 2016 I did a small tour of Europe so I hit 7 total countries during the year- Vietnam, Canada, the Netherlands, France, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria. For 2017, I actually went to a total of 4 countries- United Kingdom, India, China, and Canada. I hope 2018 is no different and I can visit at least 3 countries successfully! Obviously nothing besides my January and Feburary plans are set in stone yet, but here is a sneak peak of the travel blog posts you can hopefully look forward to reading about.  Also, these are the trips that I'm about 90-100% sure that I will be taking, but there are defintiely going to be more trips than the ones listed here happening.


Quebec City, Canada- The plan is to visit my first foreign country early on! I've always wanted to try dog sledding and I've heard that Quebec City is one of the best places to do it.

Austin, Texas- Back to my good ole' college town I go! Since I am on my sorority's National Board I will be attending our annual National Board retreat here. I can't wait to taste all the delicious barbecue and eat those spicy kimchi fries!

2018 Travel Plans 1.jpg


Atlanta, Georgia- After reuniting with my friend, Rita, in DC this past summer and having so much fun, I've been itching to go to Atlanta to visit her. Luckily, I get President's Day off which allows for a 3 day weekend and trip to the South.


Wilmington, Delaware- I've discovered the joys of car rental and will be going on a solo trip here the first weekend of March. Delaware is the perfect distance away from New York (2 hours) and will give me the chance to explore a different state, but still feel safe. I haven't done a solo trip since Vienna, Austria in 2016 so I'm excited to be by myself and see everything I want to see on my own time.


Philadelphia, Pennslyvania- A sorority sister is getting married here and one of my best friends is a bridesmaid, so I'm looking forward to the wedding! Philly is one of my favorite weekend trips to take because of all the history and food- I went there 4 times in 2017 alone.

2018 Travel Plans 2.jpg

Charleston, South Carolina- My friends and I have been talking about how beautiful Charleston would be in the spring and are seriously considering a trip down there for a weekend.


Miami, Florida- My best friend is (finally) graduating from Pharmacy school! To celebrate, we will be going to Miami and spending some quality time lying on the beach, drinking mai tais, and exploring the Cuban cuisine. We rarely get to see each other so this will be a good time to get a cute girl's trip in.


London, England- Although I had a brief stop in London this past year where I got to take photos with Buckingham Palace, it only ignited my thirst to see the city. I plan to spend a week here exploring the giant city and also taking day trips into the countryside to see Stonehenge and Oxford University. Afternoon tea is on my list too!

Galveston, Texas- My sister is having her white coat ceremony (she's going to be a physicians assistant!) and I wouldn't miss for the world.


Seattle, Washington- My best friend recently bought a house in Seattle and I've been itching to see it. The only thing that has kept me from visiting so far is the 6 hour cross country flight... but I think this will be the year I take the plunge and just go. He's completely enticed me with all the hiking and sushi!

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts- The Junior League girls and I have been in discussion over when the best time would be to visit the glamorous Martha's Vineyard and get the chance to wear our Lilly Pulitzer dresses. We feel like a summery July time frame would be ideal.


Chicago, Illinois- I'll be heading back to the city of the shiny bean for our sorority's annual National Convention. Can't wait to be reunited with this gorgeous view and all my sisters.

2018 Travel Plans 4.jpg

New Orleans, Louisiana- My sorority sister, Bobbie, is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid last year. We'll be hitting up NOLA for her last vacay as a single lady!

2018 Travel Plans 3.jpg


Houston, Texas- Heading back home to Texas to host Bobbie's bridal shower!


Dripping Springs, Texas- I'll be reporting for bridesmaid duty in this cute little country town outside of Austin for Bobbie's wedding.


Singapore and Malaysia- I've been wanting to go to these two countries for the longest time, but the stars have never aligned for me. 2018 will be the year! I'm very excited to try out that famous infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Family Vacation- We haven't set a specific location yet, but our annual tradition of traveling for the holidays is back on. Taking recommendations for the perfect spot!


Where are you planning to travel next year? Any wishlist spots?