Brunchin' with the Bride at Oscar's Place

I"m so grateful for my friend, Amanda, who brunched with me this past Monday after the cancellation of my Canada trip. I was left with a 3 day weekend of no plans (and I always have plans) so I spent Monday morning doing one of my favorite pastimes- brunch! Amanda recently got engaged (!!!) and we had a lovely time discussing her wedding planning and just general catching up.

Since it wasn't the weekend, many brunch spots were only open for dinner or served their breakfast/lunch menus instead of their brunch menus so a lot of the places I originally wanted to try weren't options. After scouring through my Yelp Bookmarks (yes I'm a proud Bookmarker) and looking at opening times and reviews, I chose the West Village restaurant Oscar's Place. From the outside and the interior, the restaurant, although tiny and cute, looked very average so I honestly wasn't expecting too much. However, first the prices were unbeatable. Most of the food options were under $15 and the menu was so extensive it took up two entire pages (not including the drinks which was located on a third page). Then, I discovered that the food at Oscar's Place was surprisingly delicious. Amanda and I decided to split entrees so we could try one savory dish and one sweet one. This turned out to be a great decision because the french toast would have been way too sweet if I had eaten the whole thing in one sitting. Instead, I was also able to sample her croque tuna and fries.  You can see from the pictures below that the portions are pretty big. I loved how my iced latte came in giant soda glass instead of one of those tall skinny glasses most places use!

Oscar's Place Brunch 1.jpg
Oscar's Place Brunch 2.jpg

Beware though, the restaurant is extremely tiny even by New York standards! The tables are packed in there to the very last inch so its probably not a great place for groups. Luckily we went on a weekday so there weren't too many other customers eating, but had all the tables been filled, I think the restaurant would have been slightly too overcrowded and claustrophobic. I guess its a small price to pay though for delicious food! That's why Oscar's Place has earned 5 toasts on my scale.