David Chang Stalkings- momofuku Ma Peche Review

I love David Chang and his entire chain of momofuku restaurants. I just wish I had unlimited funds to be able to eat at all of them! Ma Peche is actually a decently priced restaurant, with a mouth watering breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner menu. Plus, its reservation system isn't always booked up (always a bonus in New York). It's located inside in the Chambers Hotel in Midtown so I was even able to walk there from my Hells Kitchen apartment (in an attempt to get some exercise before eating fried chicken of course). By the way, two of David Chang's other momofuku restaurants are also based inside the hotel- Fuku+ and Milk Bar. I'm rating Ma Peche 5 toasts because every dish was just so flavorful and I love well flavored food.


Because there was just the two of us eating brunch, we were only able to order two dishes (I'm a strong proponent against wasting food and I typically don't like to over order) so I didn't get to try many other menu items, which means I'll definitely be back. We ordered the matcha lavender pancakes and the habanero chicken and waffles. The fluffy pancakes were HUGE and there were two of them. There was a side of lavender flavored syrup ready for pouring, which wasn't overly sugary. If you like matcha, I would strongly recommend this dish to you as it reflects the matcha flavor very well. If matcha is already not your thing, I wouldn't order these pancakes as I do feel like matcha is an acquired taste for some people. Instead, order the chicken and waffles! They were slightly spicy, but not enough that your mouth will be burning up and uncomfortable while eating. It was spiced just enough to add that little kick to the fried chicken. I'm not sure what the waffles were made out of, but they were so DELICIOUS. The chicken and waffles were a solid brunch choice and the portions were again pretty big. 

Ma Peche 2.jpg


Next time I eat here for brunch (and I will be back) I want to try the salmon toast and the kimchi burger. What about you guys? Have you guys eaten at Ma Peche before?