New York Happenings- Episode 2

Something I’ve been wanting to start on this blog is a weekly post of everything that I’m experiencing in New York. It’s no secret that as a 9-5er I live for the weekend. Two precious days out of the entire week where I can explore to my heart’s content and do whatever it is I want. I never leave my weekend unplanned! I usually always have something set up for me to do or eat and I can’t wait to share that with all my readers. I hope some of this inspires you to either visit New York and see all of its greatness for yourself or to grow a passion to explore your own city.

Mean Girls on Broadway

Thanks to the semi- annual Broadway Week that took place from the end of January to the beginning of February I was able to watch the hilarious Mean Girls musical with my roommate! I was genuinely surprised by how funny the musical was and how well the story line followed the original movie’s plot. The music was actually really great and catchy- all the actors/actresses voices were amazing! I especially loved that the actress who portrayed Gretchen in the musical was an Asian American woman- Ashley Park. I’m sure she surprised so many audience members with her talents, big voice (and big hair), and funny lines. It is so great to see all these Asian Americans popping up everywhere in the media nowadays because representation truly matters!

New York Happenings 4.jpg

Rice and Gold

As Chinese New Years continues, I had a delicious Chinese New Years dinner with a friend at the bougie Rice and Gold restaurant located under the 50 Bowery Hotel. Although it is Asian inspired, the food at Rice and Gold was a yummy variety of fusion food such as miso butter rice cake, kimchi brisket ramen (which they ran out and I was sadly unable to eat), boiled pork fried rice, and peking duck wraps. The space is huge and decorated with tons of graffiti murals so not only is it relatively easy to get a table (and bonus- you won’t be all cramped), it is also an enjoyable experience trying to spot all the different artwork on the walls.

New York Happenings 10.jpg

Andy Warhol @ Whitney Museum

The Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum is ongoing until the end of March and it was pretty cool getting to see his artwork from the different stages of his life while learning about the artist himself. I chose to go to the Whitney on a Friday night after 7pm so I could take advantage of the pay what you wish tickets. Beware- there is a seemingly long line but it moves FAST so don’t feel discouraged! The Museum has 6 floors, but the Andy Warhol exhibits are located on floors 1,3, and 5. The exhibit will be at the Whitney until end of March.

New York Happenings 8.jpg

305 Fitness

My all time favorite workout class! I’m a horrendous dancer (trust me you don’t want to run into me on the dance floor), but 305’s well organized and easy to follow dance cardio classes allow me to let my dancing urges out in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. All the instructors are always so full of energy and happiness and are always so motivating. Although during class you may be dying from sweat and running out of breath, afterwards you will feel like you managed to get a great workout in while having loads of fun. I usually feel like I was just at an hour long dance party where I did a few jumping jacks, did some squats, and danced to Ciara’s Level Up. 305 has 3 locations in Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Greenwich Village and classes are typically $34 for a single class (although there are always deals).

New York Happenings 7.jpg

Ateaz UES

I was looking for a nice spacious (because I hate being squished) cafe to get some work done and came across this brand new UES cafe on my way home from a 305 class one day. There is a huge selection of desserts and coffees as well as brunch and breakfast items. For my first visit, I tried the chocolate stick with whipped cream, a bacon egg and cheese croissant, and a cookie butter latte. In my opinion, cafes usually serve mediocre food and focus on their caffeinated drinks, but Ateaz actually has decent food and the desserts are definitely on point. I can’t wait to come back to try their red velvet latte and baklava cheesecake. The wifi is also free and there are tons of little tables and a giant comfy couch!

New York Happenings 11.jpg

This weekend I am in Madrid! I try to go on a solo trip at least once a year just because its so enjoyable being only accountable for myself and getting to do what I want when I want. Stay tuned for my Madrid adventures!