New York Happenings- Episode 1

Something I’ve been wanting to start on this blog is a weekly post of everything that I’m experiencing in New York. It’s no secret that as a 9-5er I live for the weekend. Two precious days out of the entire week where I can explore to my heart’s content and do whatever it is I want. I never leave my weekend unplanned! I usually always have something set up for me to do or eat and I can’t wait to share that with all my readers. I hope some of this inspires you to either visit New York and see all of its greatness for yourself or to grow a passion to explore your own city. Every weekend I’ll post some activities I’ve done over the past week or some yummy food I’ve eaten!

This View

Back I was living on the West side of Manhattan, I was only 8 blocks from this gorgeous view and came to the Columbus Circle Shops often to soak in its beauty. Although more and more tourists are finding out about the Shops, its still a wonderful escape from city life and a great opportunity to have some delicious pastries at Bouchon Bakery, experience afternoon tea at Bluebird London, or get some shopping in at Whole Foods or H&M.

New York Happenings 2.jpg


I’ve been on a yoga kick recently and Y7’s 90 degree heated yoga rooms are the perfect spot for my yoga loving body. Its heated, but not quite hot yoga (120 degrees…) so its a good alternative for beginner yogis like myself who want a hot yoga experience but can’t yet commit to those high temperatures. Y7 also plays hip hop music during their sessions so boredom is really not an option. There are so many locations across Manhattan and each are varying sizes and have different amenties so check as many of them out as you can like I have. Personally, I love the classy and spacious Upper East Studio where I can spread my mat out without being too close to a sweaty guy. I love how refreshed this yoga class leaves me and how my skin always feels great the next day.

New York Happenings 3.jpg

Petrossian Bakery and Cafe

While Petrossian is mainly known for its caviar, it also has a delicious selection of baked goods and a tiny cafe tucked in the back. Located near Central Park and Columbus Circle on 57th street and 7th avenue, the exterior of Petrossian seems like an old school shop from the 1920’s where only the wealthy could afford to enter, but once you enter you’re able to smell the heavenly smell of pastries and see the warm smile of the employee and everything feels normal again. I had the hardest time choosing between a thick and fluffy double chocolate chunk cookie or a chocolate chip and pecan cookie. I eventually went with the latter after telling the sweet girl behind the counter to help another woman first so I could have more time to weigh this very important decision. My cookie of choice was HUGE and chewy and so delicious- basically one of the best cookies ever.

New York Happenings 5.jpg


I’ve been wanting to visit this spy themed museum since it opened a few years back and thanks to the New York Must See Week I was able to purchase tickets at a buy one get one deal (basically at a 50% discount). The exhibits are interactive so while youre able to read about interesting facts about surveillance, traitors, and spies, you are also able to take quizzes and play games. The scores you receive on the quizzes and games are tracked using a barcode that is tied to your name and are later used to profile you to see which spy role you are most suited for. Apparently in another life I should have become a surveillance officer because of my strong skills at staring at TV screens…

David Burke Tavern

I love New York Restaurant Week because it lets ordinary people like myself have amazing culinary experiences at an affordable price. In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to eat at the Michelin starred Clocktower thanks to NY Restaurant Week. For $26 for a two course lunch, I can join in the dining crowds at some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants. This year I chose to eat at David Burke Tavern and it didn’t disappoint. Those lobster dumplings made my whole day!

New York Happenings 6.jpg

This week I’ll be heading to Madrid (!) for a fun filled vacation. I can’t wait to eat churros dipped in chocolate, see the fabulous Prado Museum, and stay in a European hostel for the first time. More importantly, I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you!