Spring 2019 New York Bucket List

I’ve always lived each year of New York as my possible last because I never know when it will be time to move back to Texas. While I’ve made New York my home these past 4 years I’ve always known that eventually I’d like to settle down in Houston closer to my family and childhood friends. Since I’ve viewed my New York days as temporary and all the more precious, I’ve spent every moment trying new things and eating at new restaurants. 2019 will be no different as I embark on another year of New York adventures. One of the reasons why I love New York so much is that there is always something to do. The words “I’m bored” have never come out of my mouth. New restaurants are always opening, artists are always performing at the various venues around the city, museum exhibit are always rotating, and of course the staple New York sights are always there. Here are a few of the items on my New York bucket list this spring- I’m already working on crossing a few of these items out!

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See Mean Girls on Broadway

I’ve been meaning to see the Mean Girls musical for a few months now, but never found the time. Mean Girls was one of my favorite movies growing up (who didn’t love how mean the Plastics were and how relatable Cady was?) and when I discovered that Gretchen was going to be played by an Asian American woman (Ashley Park) I knew I had to support the musical. Thanks to the semi-annual New York Broadway Week where shows are buy one get one (essentially 50% off), I was able to snag two tickets for my roommate and I to watch Mean Girls. This year’s Broadway Week lineup was amazing and included all shows currently playing on Broadway-usually some of the more popular shows (ie. Dear Evan Hansen and Anastasia) are excluded from the deals. I love how the city puts on events like this to make the normally expensive Broadway musicals affordable to a much larger audience.


Go to the Spy Museum

As a lover and huge fan of literally every single crime show to ever hit television (CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order), this Museum seemed like a no brainer visit for me. Spyscape is an interactive museum that allows visitors to solve crimes and learn what its like to work as an investigator. I am totally ready to feel like Detective Olivia Benson, out in the city ready to defend the innocent. Tickets are normally $44, but because of the annual New York Must See Week (thanks New York for all these awesome deals!), I was able to purchase two tickets at buy one get one free. I’ve been to almost every museum in the city and this is one of the last ones that peaked my interest.


Soak in the Infinity Pool at Sojo Spa

Although Sojo Spa isn’t located in New York technically, it does offer a fabulous view of the city and is only a short bus ride away from Port Authority (the spa provides free shuttles as well. I’ve never been to an infinity pool and couldn’t believe that there was one so close to where I live. The entrance price is pretty steep at $70 per person on the weekends, but consider it a staycation retreat and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Unfortunately, as we are in the dead of winter right now, I will have to wait for warmer weather to appear before I indulge in this bucket list item. Fingers crossed winter doesn’t last until May this year!


Eat Pizza at Lucali’s and Lombardi’s

Lucali’s always has a huge line wrapped around the corner, which is why its taken me so long to want to trek out to Brooklyn and try it. But since I rarely wait in line for food now, I think Lucali’s can be the one restaurant this year that I deem worthy of a long wait. I’m a big lover of pizza so I know I can’t possibly leave New York without tasting the pizza here. Lombardi’s is suppose to be the first pizzeria ever opened in the U.S- making it a must go in my books. It’s a slice of history that I can’t find anywhere else!


Have a Photoshoot in Central Park

Since the day I moved to New York I’ve wanted to hire a professional photographer and take some updated photos. Central Park is also one of my favorite spots in the city because its giant green space just can’t be replicated anywhere else in the U.S. There’s something so magical about escaping the city for a few hours (while still being in it) and getting lost in Central Park’s many trails, ponds, and huge rocks. I want to capture the beauty of the Park as well as my love for it in photos so whenever its time to move away, I’ll always have documented memories of the place.

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Listen to Live Music at Café Wha

If you’re ever in Greenwich Village around nighttime, you’ll probably have seen the long lines outside a corner green building. It took me so long (too long!) to find out what that long line was for. Café Wha is a seated live music venue with food and drinks that famous musicians have played at. It is a New York institution and one of the hidden gems of the city. I would love to get tickets one day enjoy at night out at the Café. Who wants to join me?


Explore Bushwick

I am such a Manhattanite and am guilty of rarely leaving the city to see what else is in the other boroughs. Now that the L train, which connects Manhattan to many areas of Brooklyn, is shutting down soon (April to be exact) for years of repairs, I have a limited amount of time to see what the far reaching Bushwick neighborhood is like. So on my bucket list is to take pictures of the murals that are part of the Bushwick Collective and brunch and coffee at Little Skips (the most hipster coffee bar I’ve seen yet. I know if I were to return to New York as a tourist one day after moving back to Texas, I wouldn’t want to spend my precious time trekking so deep into Brooklyn so while I’m still a proud New York resident I have to check out Bushwick.