"All our dreams can come true, if we the courage to pursue them" - Walt Disney

I seriously can't believe I'm finally writing my very first blog post! I've dreamed about starting my own blog detailing my travels and eats for the longest time, but was always nervous about no one wanting to read my posts and potentially wasting my time. There are so many amazing travel bloggers out there and I wasn't sure how to "compete" against them. But then I thought back to all the times in the past when I've failed (believe me there are too many times for me to count) and continued to push forward. I've never let failure or the image of failure deter me from doing what I really want. And then I remembered my favorite quote by Walt Disney. I shouldn't let shallow fears such as popularity affect my dreams or what I truly want to do. I should be writing this blog for me and not in an attempt to please others. My passion and thirst  for traveling began in college and only strengthened when I studied abroad for 6 months in Hong Kong. Over the years I've seen so many beautiful sceneries, had so many wonderful experiences, and ate so many delicious foods. Being able to share my wanderlust life with all of you and most importantly, with myself, is something that I've been looking forward to doing. With all of these thoughts running through my head, Toast and Travel was born!

My blog is called Toast and Travel because I wanted a name that encompassed both my passions- traveling and eating. The Toast part has a double meaning for me. Obviously, I love food, but I love tasty drinks as well and celebrating over them. Traveling is my way of escaping my little city life bubble and opening my eyes to everything the world has to offer. I’m excited to continue exploring and to continue immersing myself in new experiences.

So cheers to making all our dreams true! I hope y'all stick around to hear about mine :)