Postcards from the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum

My Postcards posts are for places where I think pictures speak louder than words. Instead of detailing every thing I did, I am letting the photos I took show you what I experienced with the hope that you get to experience them for yourself.


This past Saturday was Museum Day so hundreds of museums nationwide opened its doors for free. I chose to check out the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum mainly because the original ticket price is quite expensive ($33), but also because boarding a former warship and submarine and learning about its past seemed very interesting. The Intrepid was an aircraft carrier that served the US during WWII and the Vietnam War. It was used from 1943-1974 until it was brought to New York to become a learning platform for the public. Despite having to wait in a long line under a very hot sun (definitely going earlier next time), I had a wonderful time immersing myself in a part of our country's naval history.

Intrepid 1.jpg
Intrepid 2.jpg
Intrepid 3.jpg
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Intrepid 9.jpg

The submarine, Growler, is the only American guided missile submarine open to the public. After waiting in yet another long line, I had the opportunity to see what the inside of a submarine looked like for the first time. I can't believe over 100 sailors had to squeeze into the tiny inclosed submarine for weeks at a time with no sunlight. A few sailors even had to sleep next to a torpedo!

Intrepid 7.jpg
Intrepid 6.jpg
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Also located at the museum is the Enterprise space shuttle. The Enterprise was NASA's first space shuttle orbiter. 

Intrepid 4.jpg

Have you guys visited a museum like the Intrepid before? Which ones?