Postcards from New York Botanical Gardens

My Postcards posts are for places where I think pictures speak louder than words. Instead of detailing every thing I did, I am letting the photos I took show you what I experienced with the hope that you get to experience them for yourself.

When someone says they have free tickets to somewhere, you don't say no! So when my friend told me her company provided free admission to the New York Botanical Gardens (usually a $20+ entrance fee), I woke up early on a Saturday morning and propelled myself towards the Bronx. It was definitely my lucky day because NYBG is currently showcasing works by the artist, Chihuly. If you haven't heard of Chihuly, he is a glass blowing artist known for his breathtakingly beautiful glass sculptures. Most museum exhibits to view them are quite expensive. The NYBG incorporated his works into their gardens so effortlessly- I loved it! The Chihuly exhibit is on display until October 29 so I highly suggest checking it out. I also suggest getting the All Access Garden Pass so that places like the Conservatory, Rock Garden, and riding the tram aren't off limits to you. For those of you who don't wish to pay the hefty admission fee, the Garden has free entrance until 10am on Saturdays. Although, it is a grounds only pass meaning entrance to the 3 attractions I mentioned above will be prohibited.

Botanical Garden 4.jpg
Botanical Garden 2.jpg
Botanical Garden 3.jpg
Botanical Garden 5.jpg
Botanical Garden 7.jpg
Botanical Garden 9.jpg
Botanical Garden 8.jpg
Botanical Garden 6.jpg

Sorry for the multitude of photos on this post! Everything was so equally mesmerizing that I couldn't just choose a few to share!

Have you guys ever visited the New York Botanical Gardens? What were your thoughts?