Blogmas Day 13- Top 5 NYC Eats

My friends are always asking me where to eat when they visit New York, so I decided to compile this list of my favorite NYC Eats. I actually had quite a hard time choosing only 5 restaurants to make the cut because New York has so many amazing places to eat.


Where: Koreatown

Type of Food: Korean

What to Order: If you are in Koreatown and too overwhelmed by all the food options (and trust me there are a lot), Bangia is a delicious choice. This is probably my favorite restaurant ever and I’ve actually had almost everything on the menu. Their jeon (Korean style fried pancakes) are amazing. They have 3 options: corn and cheese, kimchi and spicy pork, and seafood. Corn and cheese jeon is my favorite! Who doesn’t love binge eating tons of cheese?

Tip: Its only open after 5pm and you must be over 21 to enter (IDs are checked).



Where: Midtown East

Type of Food: Breakfast

What to Order: Uh duh... bagels! They have a variety of cream cheese options (including cookies and creme) and several combinations of giant bagel sandwiches. Honestly everything is good on their menu because their bagels are flavorful and the right amount of chewy.

Tip: Like any famous/popular New York eatery, long lines are expected. To cut down on your wait, preorder your bagels online so they will be ready when you arrive and you can save over 30 minutes of standing in a line.



Where: Lower East Side

Type of Food: Brunch

What to Order: The blueberry pancakes are mouthwatering and beyond anything words could describe. Each pancake (and you get 3!) is light and fluffy and stuffed with juicy blueberries. The chicken and waffles are also pretty tasty. Definitely worth any kind of wait.

Tip: The lines here are insane (we arrived at 10am and still had to wait an hour) so a tip is to try to go during the week or right when they open.

Clinton Street.PNG



Where: Chinatown

Type of Food: Chinese

What to Order: Soup dumplings and Noodles with Minced Pork Meat (Zhajiamein)

Tip: Be prepared to forgo your privacy and share a giant round table with other customers. The food is dirt cheap so they try to seat as many customers as possible. And bring cash!!

Shanghai Cafe.PNG



Where: West Village

Type of Food: Pizza

What to Order: Unless you have a lot of people, I would order their slices. The artichokes slice is beyond delicious- very creamy and cheesy. The crab slice is also one of my favorites because of its unique taste (it still tastes like pizza though so don’t worry).

Tip: Grab a slice and eat it on the High Line! The entrance stairs to the High Line park is only a 5 minute walk away.


Runner Ups- Like I said I had a really hard time narrowing down my list! So here are some restaurants that are just as yummy.


Where: Garment District

Type of Food: Japanese

What to Order: This is Japanese style tapas so all dishes are meant to be shared. I highly recommend the the creamy kimchi pasta and the fried takoyaki balls. Both dishes are so full of flavor and fairly priced. The omusoba (noodles wrapped in egg) is an interesting concept, but didn’t as great as I thought it would.

Tip: Come here right when it opens (6pm) to avoid waiting in ridiculous lines. Its located in a basement so keep a lookout for the entrance (it has a gray flag hanging over it)



Where: Lower East Side

Type of Food: Tex-Mex

What to Order: When I’m homesick and craving some good old queso, I come here. Its legitimate tex mex! Definitely order their chips and queso. The tater tots hash is also super yummy.

Tip: Come with more people so you can try more than 1 dish! The portions are Texas size.

Double Wide.PNG


I still haven’t had the opportunity to eat at New York’s 1st pizzeria, Lombardi’s, and think it could be a real contender for best food of New York. Where are some places you guys have LOVED or are waiting to try?