Blogmas Day 12- Postcards from the NY Botanical Gardens' Holiday Train Show

Touring the New York Botanical Gardens was one of the first posts I wrote about on this blog and now that its Christmastime and the Gardens have put up their annual train show, I thought it would be fitting to go back for a second visit. Unfortunately, the line for the train show was insanely long and I wasn't in the mood to deal with the crowds, so instead I decided to walk around the Gardens and see the beautiful grounds covered in white snow.

How to Get There- I got a few questions from my first post asking how I reached the Gardens since its so far up north in the Bronx. I actually took the D train to Bedford Park station and walked around 15 minutes to one of the Garden's many entrances. There may be other routes (including on the Metro North), but since I live on the west side of Manahttan and had an unlimited metro card), this was what was most convinent for me. 

Although the Rock Garden was closed for the season and it was kind of tough walking around the snowy grounds in 30 degree weather, the views were breathtaking. I rode the tram around the Garden once and got out at various stops along the way to explore. One of my favorites was stopping at the seasonal (and weekend only) Gingerbread Cafe, located behind the Conservatory. There were so many holiday desserts available and the mood was so festive!

Being from Texas, it was also my first time seeing a lake completely frozen over. I was so in awe of the frozen lake that I actually got really close so I could touch it to see if it was really frozen. 

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