Blogmas Day 10- It's Officially Ugly Christmas Sweater Season!

Although its not a season everyone partakes in, I've always found ugly Christmas sweaters to be so much fun! If anything, its interesting to see what other people have come up with. This year, my roommate and I are planning to host a dessert potluck (what's a sweater without dessert)/ ugly sweater party at our new apartment and I can't wait. After we sent out the invites, I got so many messages from people asking if they can just wear a normal sweater because they don't have anything ugly or Christmas related. First of all, everyone has at least one ugly outfit in their closets. But second of all, NO! Without festive Christmas sweaters, wouldn't the party just be a normal party and not a Christmas one? So here are some ugly sweater ideas for people who said they couldn't find ugly sweaters.

1. Vintage Stores- My roommate actually gave me this idea, but vintage stores have tons of old grandma style sweaters. Come Christmas time, they pull out the Christmas grandma sweaters! Check out the vintage stores in your area if you are looking for something unique or geuninely weird.

2. Wal Mart- Probably THE place for cheap apparel that looks a little bit off. It's also everywhere and open 24 hours- perfect for those last minute shopping runs.

3. Forever 21- Although most of the Christmas sweaters here are more cute than ugly, they are at a low price point so you don't feel as if you are wasting your money on a one time sweater (although I plan to wear my a few times this December). This is the sweater that I'm actually planning to wear!

4. Macy's- Because who doesn't want to BE the tree on Christmas Day?

5. Target- Of course the mothership of retail shopping will have awesome Christmas sweaters!

6. Tipsy Elves-  If you're looking for truly ugly and weird sweaters...