Blogmas Day 17- Dessert Potluck Ideas and Recipes

Yesterday I hosted my very first dessert potluck Christmas party (yes it was also an ugly sweater party because why not) and I had so much fun! I probably had the most fun filling my apartment with the smell of freshly baked goods so I wanted to share the recipes of some of my desserts I baked for the party.

Cinnamon Banana Bread MuffinsI baked these for a Christmas party last weekend and they were a hit! So I decided to make them again for my own party :)

Butterscotch Chip MuffinsThis was a chocolate chip muffins recipe that I substitued with butterscotch chips because I was already making chocolate chip cookies and I wanted more of a variety.

Chocolate Chip CookiesMy first time using cornstarch in a cookie, but it helped the chewiness of the cookie a lot!

Brownies- You can never go wrong with serving brownies at a party.

Caramel Brownie Pie- I actually improvised this recipe on my own because I had a spare pie crust and didn't know what to do with it with the limited ingredients I had left. So I decided to make this easy brownie pie and topped it off with some caramel syrup. It was totally delish!