Blogmas Day 15- Postcards from NYC Department Store Windows

Its apparently a Christmas tradition in New York to walk around town and view all the holiday inspired store windows that the big department store decorate come December time. This was my first year doing it (mainly because I don't enjoy being squished by crowds of tourists), but I felt like I had to take advantage of living in the city and experience it. After some quick research, I planned out my path to hit all the major stores and set off!

Bloomingdale's- Bloomindale's collaborated with the recently release movie, The Greatest Showman, for its window theme this year. The result? Intricately designed circus themed windows with quotes by the legendary, PT Barnum at the bottom. While I didn't feel as if the windows were anything super spectacular, I've been wanting to see The Greatest Showman (after I found out Zac Efron was in it) so these windows definitely built up the hype.

Holiday Windows 3.JPG
Holiday Windows 4.JPG

Bergdof Gorman- The high end department store collaborated with various designers as well as musuems across the city to design its windows. I thought the museum collaboration was simply genius, especially because the store selected a wide variety of musuems including the Museum of Moving Images, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Botanical Gardens to represent its windows. My favorite was the window by the Natural History Museum, where you can see that they bedazzled the heck out of skeletons. Collaborations like these are rare so it was a treat for the eyes!

Holiday Windows 5.jpg
Holiday Windows 6.jpg
Holiday Windows 7.jpg
Holiday Windows 8.jpg
Holiday Windows 9.jpg
Holiday Windows 10.JPG

Louis Vuitton- Not a Christmas themed window, but I had to take a picture because Louis Vuitton collaborated with the famous modern artist, Jeff Koons, for its window displays this season. Koons has been one of my favorite artists since I saw his giant sculptures at the Whitney Museum a few years back. His sculptures are actualyl scattered around the city now (like the balloon dog located at Cooper Square).

Holiday Windows 11.jpg

Tiffany's- Their window displays were on a much smaller scale and also not necessarily themed for the holidays, but who can resist looking at expensive jewerly? Everything was so tiny and cute!

Holiday Windows 12.jpg

Saks Fifth Ave- In my opinion, Saks probably had the best holiday windows this year. Their theme was Snow White and not only did they display beautiful scenes from the movie, but they also collaborated with amazing designers (Monique Lhullier, Prada, Gucci, Marchesa) to create outfits inspired by the movie. I hoenstly loved every single window! Plus, the store has a light show every few minutes that plays! 

Holiday Windows 13.JPG
Holiday Windows 14.JPG
Holiday Windows 15.JPG
Holiday Windows 16.JPG
Holiday Windows 17.jpg
Holiday Windows 18.JPG
Holiday Windows 19.jpg

Rockefeller Christmas Tree- I took a tiny break from my Window sight seeing tour to snap a photo of the famous Rockefeller tree! I had originally wanted to come to the tree lighting ceremony earlier this month, but the crowds were beyond insane (it would have taken me about 30 minutes just to cross the sidewalk) so I avoided the area. The tree is so breathtaking though so I can see why people would suffer just to see it lit.

Holiday Windows 20.jpg

Macys- Macys had a general Christmas theme and heavily promoted its brand through the decorations. But the store usually goes all out in decorations inside as well so I had to step in to take a look!

Holiday Windows 1.JPG
Holiday Windows 2.jpg

Which store window was your favorite?