New York Happenings- Episode 3

Something I’ve been wanting to start on this blog is a weekly post of everything that I’m experiencing in New York. It’s no secret that as a 9-5er I live for the weekend. Two precious days out of the entire week where I can explore to my heart’s content and do whatever it is I want. I never leave my weekend unplanned! I usually always have something set up for me to do or eat and I can’t wait to share that with all my readers. I hope some of this inspires you to either visit New York and see all of its greatness for yourself or to grow a passion to explore your own city.

Union Square Sweat Fest

I randomly came across the Union Square Sweat Fest online (I’m still not sure how it quite happened), but its such an awesome opportunity to take advantage of free or reduced workout classes and check out some Union Square businesses. I love how different neighborhoods support their own local workout studios, restaurants, and stores! I participated in a free HIIT (and nearly died) at the Jack Rabbit Union Square store and then purchased a $25 boxing class at Throwdown Fitness that included a Dig Inn bowl as well as a second complimentary Throwdown class.


February 11-15 was New York Company Week and my friend send me a plus one class at CYC because her company was participating in the week. However, what we both didn’t realize was that CYC actually gave us each a total of 8 free classes! This translated to a spinning class a day… my butt and legs were never more sore. CYC has studio locations in Chelsea, Astor Place (my preferred location), Hells Kitchen, and Upper East Side. Classes are normally $22 each and include shoe rental.


When I first moved to New York I was obsessed with the cheap dumplings in Chinatown and how affordable and delicious everything was. As I became older I gradually moved on to other areas of New York (aka West Village) and forgot about how great of a gem Manhattan Chinatown is. Recently, I’ve been rediscovering Chinatown by eating at some of the cheap eats and drinking bubble tea at some of the new cafes that have opened up. I loved the peanut butter sauce noodles at Shu Zhao Fu Zhou (it only costed $2.50!) and the delicious roasted oolong milk tea at Macao Imperial Tea.

New York Happenings 14.jpg

City Bakery’s Hot Chocolate Festival

Every February City Bakery hosts an entire month of unique and changing flavors of their signature hot chocolate. In the past I’ve tried lemon white hot chocolate and cookie butter hot chocolate- both of which I ordered with the giant homemade marshmallo City Bakery is known for. This year their Babe Ruth hot chocolate with its splash of bourbon and peanut brittle infused in it was delicious. I love how rich their chocolate is and how flavorful it is.

New York Happenings 12.jpg

Ole & Steen

Ole & Steen is a Danish bakery arriving in NYC from Copenhagen just earlier this year. It is inside a beautiful space located near Union Square and serves up a huge variety of pastries and sandwiches. I’ve had been seeing pictures of the chocolate swirl bun floating around Instagram and stopped by to try one, but due to some unfortunate miscommunications I left with just a chocolate bun which is apparently not the same thing as the swirl one… Lesson learned- remember to say the word swirl!

New York Happenings 13.jpg

New York Happenings- Episode 2

Something I’ve been wanting to start on this blog is a weekly post of everything that I’m experiencing in New York. It’s no secret that as a 9-5er I live for the weekend. Two precious days out of the entire week where I can explore to my heart’s content and do whatever it is I want. I never leave my weekend unplanned! I usually always have something set up for me to do or eat and I can’t wait to share that with all my readers. I hope some of this inspires you to either visit New York and see all of its greatness for yourself or to grow a passion to explore your own city.

Mean Girls on Broadway

Thanks to the semi- annual Broadway Week that took place from the end of January to the beginning of February I was able to watch the hilarious Mean Girls musical with my roommate! I was genuinely surprised by how funny the musical was and how well the story line followed the original movie’s plot. The music was actually really great and catchy- all the actors/actresses voices were amazing! I especially loved that the actress who portrayed Gretchen in the musical was an Asian American woman- Ashley Park. I’m sure she surprised so many audience members with her talents, big voice (and big hair), and funny lines. It is so great to see all these Asian Americans popping up everywhere in the media nowadays because representation truly matters!

New York Happenings 4.jpg

Rice and Gold

As Chinese New Years continues, I had a delicious Chinese New Years dinner with a friend at the bougie Rice and Gold restaurant located under the 50 Bowery Hotel. Although it is Asian inspired, the food at Rice and Gold was a yummy variety of fusion food such as miso butter rice cake, kimchi brisket ramen (which they ran out and I was sadly unable to eat), boiled pork fried rice, and peking duck wraps. The space is huge and decorated with tons of graffiti murals so not only is it relatively easy to get a table (and bonus- you won’t be all cramped), it is also an enjoyable experience trying to spot all the different artwork on the walls.

New York Happenings 10.jpg

Andy Warhol @ Whitney Museum

The Andy Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum is ongoing until the end of March and it was pretty cool getting to see his artwork from the different stages of his life while learning about the artist himself. I chose to go to the Whitney on a Friday night after 7pm so I could take advantage of the pay what you wish tickets. Beware- there is a seemingly long line but it moves FAST so don’t feel discouraged! The Museum has 6 floors, but the Andy Warhol exhibits are located on floors 1,3, and 5. The exhibit will be at the Whitney until end of March.

New York Happenings 8.jpg

305 Fitness

My all time favorite workout class! I’m a horrendous dancer (trust me you don’t want to run into me on the dance floor), but 305’s well organized and easy to follow dance cardio classes allow me to let my dancing urges out in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. All the instructors are always so full of energy and happiness and are always so motivating. Although during class you may be dying from sweat and running out of breath, afterwards you will feel like you managed to get a great workout in while having loads of fun. I usually feel like I was just at an hour long dance party where I did a few jumping jacks, did some squats, and danced to Ciara’s Level Up. 305 has 3 locations in Upper East Side, Midtown East, and Greenwich Village and classes are typically $34 for a single class (although there are always deals).

New York Happenings 7.jpg

Ateaz UES

I was looking for a nice spacious (because I hate being squished) cafe to get some work done and came across this brand new UES cafe on my way home from a 305 class one day. There is a huge selection of desserts and coffees as well as brunch and breakfast items. For my first visit, I tried the chocolate stick with whipped cream, a bacon egg and cheese croissant, and a cookie butter latte. In my opinion, cafes usually serve mediocre food and focus on their caffeinated drinks, but Ateaz actually has decent food and the desserts are definitely on point. I can’t wait to come back to try their red velvet latte and baklava cheesecake. The wifi is also free and there are tons of little tables and a giant comfy couch!

New York Happenings 11.jpg

This weekend I am in Madrid! I try to go on a solo trip at least once a year just because its so enjoyable being only accountable for myself and getting to do what I want when I want. Stay tuned for my Madrid adventures!

New York Happenings- Episode 1

Something I’ve been wanting to start on this blog is a weekly post of everything that I’m experiencing in New York. It’s no secret that as a 9-5er I live for the weekend. Two precious days out of the entire week where I can explore to my heart’s content and do whatever it is I want. I never leave my weekend unplanned! I usually always have something set up for me to do or eat and I can’t wait to share that with all my readers. I hope some of this inspires you to either visit New York and see all of its greatness for yourself or to grow a passion to explore your own city. Every weekend I’ll post some activities I’ve done over the past week or some yummy food I’ve eaten!

This View

Back I was living on the West side of Manhattan, I was only 8 blocks from this gorgeous view and came to the Columbus Circle Shops often to soak in its beauty. Although more and more tourists are finding out about the Shops, its still a wonderful escape from city life and a great opportunity to have some delicious pastries at Bouchon Bakery, experience afternoon tea at Bluebird London, or get some shopping in at Whole Foods or H&M.

New York Happenings 2.jpg


I’ve been on a yoga kick recently and Y7’s 90 degree heated yoga rooms are the perfect spot for my yoga loving body. Its heated, but not quite hot yoga (120 degrees…) so its a good alternative for beginner yogis like myself who want a hot yoga experience but can’t yet commit to those high temperatures. Y7 also plays hip hop music during their sessions so boredom is really not an option. There are so many locations across Manhattan and each are varying sizes and have different amenties so check as many of them out as you can like I have. Personally, I love the classy and spacious Upper East Studio where I can spread my mat out without being too close to a sweaty guy. I love how refreshed this yoga class leaves me and how my skin always feels great the next day.

New York Happenings 3.jpg

Petrossian Bakery and Cafe

While Petrossian is mainly known for its caviar, it also has a delicious selection of baked goods and a tiny cafe tucked in the back. Located near Central Park and Columbus Circle on 57th street and 7th avenue, the exterior of Petrossian seems like an old school shop from the 1920’s where only the wealthy could afford to enter, but once you enter you’re able to smell the heavenly smell of pastries and see the warm smile of the employee and everything feels normal again. I had the hardest time choosing between a thick and fluffy double chocolate chunk cookie or a chocolate chip and pecan cookie. I eventually went with the latter after telling the sweet girl behind the counter to help another woman first so I could have more time to weigh this very important decision. My cookie of choice was HUGE and chewy and so delicious- basically one of the best cookies ever.

New York Happenings 5.jpg


I’ve been wanting to visit this spy themed museum since it opened a few years back and thanks to the New York Must See Week I was able to purchase tickets at a buy one get one deal (basically at a 50% discount). The exhibits are interactive so while youre able to read about interesting facts about surveillance, traitors, and spies, you are also able to take quizzes and play games. The scores you receive on the quizzes and games are tracked using a barcode that is tied to your name and are later used to profile you to see which spy role you are most suited for. Apparently in another life I should have become a surveillance officer because of my strong skills at staring at TV screens…

David Burke Tavern

I love New York Restaurant Week because it lets ordinary people like myself have amazing culinary experiences at an affordable price. In the past, I’ve been lucky enough to eat at the Michelin starred Clocktower thanks to NY Restaurant Week. For $26 for a two course lunch, I can join in the dining crowds at some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants. This year I chose to eat at David Burke Tavern and it didn’t disappoint. Those lobster dumplings made my whole day!

New York Happenings 6.jpg

This week I’ll be heading to Madrid (!) for a fun filled vacation. I can’t wait to eat churros dipped in chocolate, see the fabulous Prado Museum, and stay in a European hostel for the first time. More importantly, I can’t wait to share my adventures with all of you!

Spring 2019 New York Bucket List

I’ve always lived each year of New York as my possible last because I never know when it will be time to move back to Texas. While I’ve made New York my home these past 4 years I’ve always known that eventually I’d like to settle down in Houston closer to my family and childhood friends. Since I’ve viewed my New York days as temporary and all the more precious, I’ve spent every moment trying new things and eating at new restaurants. 2019 will be no different as I embark on another year of New York adventures. One of the reasons why I love New York so much is that there is always something to do. The words “I’m bored” have never come out of my mouth. New restaurants are always opening, artists are always performing at the various venues around the city, museum exhibit are always rotating, and of course the staple New York sights are always there. Here are a few of the items on my New York bucket list this spring- I’m already working on crossing a few of these items out!

New York Bucket List 3.jpg


See Mean Girls on Broadway

I’ve been meaning to see the Mean Girls musical for a few months now, but never found the time. Mean Girls was one of my favorite movies growing up (who didn’t love how mean the Plastics were and how relatable Cady was?) and when I discovered that Gretchen was going to be played by an Asian American woman (Ashley Park) I knew I had to support the musical. Thanks to the semi-annual New York Broadway Week where shows are buy one get one (essentially 50% off), I was able to snag two tickets for my roommate and I to watch Mean Girls. This year’s Broadway Week lineup was amazing and included all shows currently playing on Broadway-usually some of the more popular shows (ie. Dear Evan Hansen and Anastasia) are excluded from the deals. I love how the city puts on events like this to make the normally expensive Broadway musicals affordable to a much larger audience.


Go to the Spy Museum

As a lover and huge fan of literally every single crime show to ever hit television (CSI, Criminal Minds, Law and Order), this Museum seemed like a no brainer visit for me. Spyscape is an interactive museum that allows visitors to solve crimes and learn what its like to work as an investigator. I am totally ready to feel like Detective Olivia Benson, out in the city ready to defend the innocent. Tickets are normally $44, but because of the annual New York Must See Week (thanks New York for all these awesome deals!), I was able to purchase two tickets at buy one get one free. I’ve been to almost every museum in the city and this is one of the last ones that peaked my interest.


Soak in the Infinity Pool at Sojo Spa

Although Sojo Spa isn’t located in New York technically, it does offer a fabulous view of the city and is only a short bus ride away from Port Authority (the spa provides free shuttles as well. I’ve never been to an infinity pool and couldn’t believe that there was one so close to where I live. The entrance price is pretty steep at $70 per person on the weekends, but consider it a staycation retreat and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it. Unfortunately, as we are in the dead of winter right now, I will have to wait for warmer weather to appear before I indulge in this bucket list item. Fingers crossed winter doesn’t last until May this year!


Eat Pizza at Lucali’s and Lombardi’s

Lucali’s always has a huge line wrapped around the corner, which is why its taken me so long to want to trek out to Brooklyn and try it. But since I rarely wait in line for food now, I think Lucali’s can be the one restaurant this year that I deem worthy of a long wait. I’m a big lover of pizza so I know I can’t possibly leave New York without tasting the pizza here. Lombardi’s is suppose to be the first pizzeria ever opened in the U.S- making it a must go in my books. It’s a slice of history that I can’t find anywhere else!


Have a Photoshoot in Central Park

Since the day I moved to New York I’ve wanted to hire a professional photographer and take some updated photos. Central Park is also one of my favorite spots in the city because its giant green space just can’t be replicated anywhere else in the U.S. There’s something so magical about escaping the city for a few hours (while still being in it) and getting lost in Central Park’s many trails, ponds, and huge rocks. I want to capture the beauty of the Park as well as my love for it in photos so whenever its time to move away, I’ll always have documented memories of the place.

New York Bucket List 1.jpg
New York Bucket List 2.jpg


Listen to Live Music at Café Wha

If you’re ever in Greenwich Village around nighttime, you’ll probably have seen the long lines outside a corner green building. It took me so long (too long!) to find out what that long line was for. Café Wha is a seated live music venue with food and drinks that famous musicians have played at. It is a New York institution and one of the hidden gems of the city. I would love to get tickets one day enjoy at night out at the Café. Who wants to join me?


Explore Bushwick

I am such a Manhattanite and am guilty of rarely leaving the city to see what else is in the other boroughs. Now that the L train, which connects Manhattan to many areas of Brooklyn, is shutting down soon (April to be exact) for years of repairs, I have a limited amount of time to see what the far reaching Bushwick neighborhood is like. So on my bucket list is to take pictures of the murals that are part of the Bushwick Collective and brunch and coffee at Little Skips (the most hipster coffee bar I’ve seen yet. I know if I were to return to New York as a tourist one day after moving back to Texas, I wouldn’t want to spend my precious time trekking so deep into Brooklyn so while I’m still a proud New York resident I have to check out Bushwick.

New Year, Same Old Me

Happy New Year! What has everyone been up to since 2019 started? Personally, I’ve been a little overwhelmed with all the new work projects that will be starting up again on top of figuring out a good workout schedule, fitting in an active social life, and scheduling in my volunteering commitments and travels in between. I also want to make this blog a priority because I know I fell behind with posting regularly in 2018. The beginning of a year is usually a time where people set goals for themselves and seek out a fresh start. For me, I’ve become slightly disillusioned with the whole process of setting resolutions. While it is nice to have goals to reach, I always feel disappointed myself in the end of the year when I realize how far I’ve fallen off the wagon or that I’ve kept none of my resolutions. Sometimes throughout the year my goals change or unforeseen events happen and it just throws everything off because I promised myself earlier in the year that I would be on a certain other path. I’ve held back so far from posting a 2019 Goals post because I wanted to reevaluate what I truly want out of 2019. And I’ve decided that I want 2019 to just be spontaneous and flexible. I’m anticipating a few big changes in my life and I want to create goals as I go along. Instead, I want to share with yall some lessons I’ve learned this past year.

Nashville 9.jpg

Lesson One- Intermittent fasting Isn’t that hard and it works MIRACLES

I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now and it just seemed that the weight was never coming off. Restricting myself from certain foods (is. carbs, sugar, fat) was just too difficult. If I told myself to not eat pizza, it only made me crave it more and then binge eat it on an eventual cheat day. A friend recommended that I try intermittent fasting because eating less food seemed more feasible than eating from certain categories. At first, I cheated a bunch because fitting meals in an eight hour feeding window (noon to 8pm for me) was SO hard, but gradually it became easier and easier. Then one day I realized that it had become part of my routine to eat my first meal of the day at noon and my last meal of the day at 7pm. When I discovered I had lost 10 pounds from cutting down on the amount of food eaten, it became extremely motivating. My body felt stronger and all my old clothes fit again! If weight loss is something that you’ve been struggling with as well, I highly recommend intermittent fasting.

Lesson Two- Weather can mess up your travel plans and stress you out, but that’s ok

My 2018 started out pretty stressful because my January trip to Quebec City fell through due to bad weather in both New York and Canada. I waited at LaGuardia Airport for 6 hours in purgatory not knowing whether or not my flight would be cancelled- there was so much false hope given! And if you’ve ever been to LaGuardia, you know it is definitely not the best place to wait for a delayed flight- especially when the people around you are all having their flights delayed and eventually cancelled as well. I was really disappointed in the cancelled trip, but managed to make it out to Quebec City in December so all things considered it did end up working out. The whole experience made me a better traveler, one who is more equipped to deal with flight issues and know how to use the system to my advantage. At the end of the day there isn’t anything anyone can do if the weather turns on you, so just keep an eye on the travel advisories and if your flight is one that the airlines are allowing free changes on make sure you take advantage of that and change your flight to avoid the impending storm. The key to making it through travel stress is definitely preparation!


Lesson Three- Plan out how you plan to use your PTO days in advance to avoid running out

Limited PTO days is one of the biggest downsides of working a full time job. It’s what makes earning a good salary into a double edged sword because while I have money to travel and pursue my passions, I now lack the time to actually go anywhere. Over the years, I’ve learned how to take advantage of holidays by combining them with my vacation days in order to get the most out of my precious PTO. One of the smartest things I did this year was have an idea way back in January of how I wanted to use my days. I knew I wanted to take the entire weeks of Thanksgiving and Christmas off to spend with family in Texas and I knew I had bridesmaid duties in Austin to perform so I properly allocated at the beginning of the year and planned out all other vacations around it. Many people ask me how I travel so much throughout the year while having a full time job and this is really my secret- plan, plan, plan!

Lesson Four- It’s ok to be fearful of traveling abroad, but don’t let that fear paralyze you

A common theme I’ve recognized in our media this year was the number of women who were murdered abroad while either traveling alone or with other women. In fact, Carla Stefaniak was assaulted and killed in Costa Rica at an Airbnb near the airport a mere 2 weeks before I was scheduled to go there with my high school friends and stay there in an Airbnb. It was actually one of the few times I questioned my decision to travel to a destination. I was so sure that something negative was going to happen to us and it honestly kept me up at night while I was preparing for the trip. After that first night in Costa Rica, however, I realized that my fear was preventing me from enjoying the beautiful country and soaking in all the goodness that Costa Rica provided. While it is ok to be vigilant while abroad (especially when you are traveling alone), letting it come between you and your experience of a country only wastes your time and impacts your view of that country. Why go somewhere just to lock yourself in a hotel room? Obviously, taking extra precautions and recognizing that it is not your home country and thus shouldn’t be as comfortable to you as your own country would be is a necessity. But constantly thinking about what can go wrong is not the way to go. I think having the right amount of fear is healthy- you don’t want to be so fearless that you’re no longer cautious- but you don’t want to have too much fear to the point where you’re afraid to try new experiences. I have several solo trips coming up this year and I definitely plan to remember this lesson moving forward.

New York Bucket List 7.jpg

Lesson Five- Go only where you are passionate

This past year I felt many times that I was spending money and time to travel somewhere that I wasn’t truly interested in. I was only going there to please someone else or check it off some invisible list. The end result was that I became a little worn out from the constant travels and wondered why I was even in some destinations. I simply don’t have enough time or money to be going places I don’t like at the end of the day. For 2019, I want to only step on a plane if I’m passionate about where I’m going and only if I’m excited to step off that plane at the end of the journey. I want to travel more for myself and be more selfish about my travels. Instead of taking many small trips I want to save up for more international trips to Europe, Canada, or maybe even Asia. Traveling only where my passion takes me may lead inevitably to more solo trips and that’s something I can’t wait for!

New York Bucket List 6.jpg

What are some lessons you guys learned in 2018?

My 2018 Goals

I usually hesitate on setting specific resolutions for myself at the beginning of the year because realizing towards the middle of the year or at the end of the year that you've forgotten about your resolutions and fallen off track can be super discouraging. Since I'm all about positivity, I typically like to avoid things that make me feel bad about myself. Another problem I have with resolutions is that I don't always know at the beginning of the year what I need to be improving or working on. Sometimes insights like that come to us randomly throughout the year as we naturally live our lives.

However, since I've entered my mid- twenties I've realized that there are many things in my life I haven't accomplished yet and that setting clear goals (not resolutions) can help me be motivated and pave the path that I should be taking for the year. I tried to make goals that I felt were attainable in a year and that I felt would help me grow. Note- these are not resolutions or things I want to change about myself. I'm content with the way I am, but there is always room for new dreams and new ideas.

Travel to 3 Foreign Countries

You guys have probably heard this one before because this is the one goal that I've kept and succeeded in achieving through all these years. Travel is one of my biggest passions, but its unfortunately not my full time job so it can be easy to forget to feed my passion when I'm busy trying to make a living. To avoid this pitfall, I decided a long time ago that I would explore at least 3 new destinations in foreign countries. I recap my previous years' adventures and highlight some of my travel plans here.

2018 Goals 3.jpg
2018 Goals 4.jpg

Cook/Bake More

Its no secret that I love to eat out. Living in New York, there is no shortage of amazing restaurants or dessert bars available for me to try and quench my curiosity. I simply love exploring the dining scene and tasting all the different foods out there. However, dining out can be quite expensive and not always the healthiest option. Instead of committing to losing a certain amount of pounds (something that I know I can never willingly achieve), I want to make it a priority to improve my cooking and baking skills so that I'm more motivated to eat healthier homemade options instead of going out all the time. I made pesto pasta with chicken yesterday!

2018 Goals 5.JPG

Take Advantage of the Outdoors

When I lived in Texas I was always a homebody. I preferred to stay indoors watching TV or reading, rather than going outside. But being in a big city, I feel like I would be wasting my time if I just sat around all day in my house doing what I felt was comfortable. So one of my goals is to explore the outdoors and get more fresh air. I hiked the challenging Breakneck Mountain and tried white water rafting for the first time last year and loved the adrenaline. I can't wait to see what other outdoor activities await me- maybe rock climbing, hiking, or kayaking?

2018 Goals 2.jpg

Write Often and Write For Myself

Sometimes I get the feeling like I'm not doing enough for my blog or that no one is really reading what I write. I'm sure this is a common fear that many bloggers experience at some point. It occasionally makes me wonder if I'm just wasting my time and then I tend to want to write less. So I have to remind myself that one of the main reasons why I started Toast and Travel was so that I could document personally my experiences while living in New York and while traveling. It wasn't to try and impress other people or to make money. I want to spend this year improving the quality of my writing (which can only be achieved through more practice) and I want to write about things I'm passionate about without caring whether or not someone else is interested in it.

Make New Friends

I've always been under the impression that a person can never have enough good friends. I'm not talking about people you meet in passing and never speak to again, but instead those people who you meet and form a strong friendship with. I don't want to simply meet a bunch of new people- I want to make more lifelong friends. I've been blessed with some amazing best friends and sorority sisters both in New York and back in Texas and I couldn't have made it this far in life without them. Friendship has a special way of forming a support system that allows you to fall back when you need them and some experiences can only be experienced through having friends. I met some awesome friends in 2017 and I can't wait to see who will become my friend in 2018!

2018 Goals 1.jpg


What are some goals you guys have for the new year?

How to Stay Warm and Entertain Yourself When its 10 Degrees Outside

Until I started living in New York I had never experienced whether below 30 degrees. Now that I'm an official New Yorker, 10 degree whether on a weekly basis shouldn't bother me as much but it still does. Unbearable winters are something that I will never get use to! Mainly because it makes commuting outdoors and doing outdoor activities either extremely hard or flat out impossible. On days when the weather isn't cooperating (bomb cyclone I'm looking at you) I always rack my brain with something to do to kill the boredom. Staying at home is always an option, but it can be just SO boring sometimes. Here are some of the activities I've been doing since the weather has gone to the single digits.

10 Degrees 2.jpg


Read a book and indulge in coffee at your neighborhood cafe

Catch up on your reading at a cute cafe while feeding your caffeine addiction. I feel like I don't read as much as I use to (which is a shame) because of my hectic lifestyle so carving out some peaceful time at a coffee shop to just relax and read is so valuable. I've come across a few interesting reads the past few weeks and really recommend Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (same author as Gone Girl), Into the Water by Paula Hawkins (author who wrote Girl on the Train), and The Girl Before by JP Delaney. Some of my favorite coffee shops in the city to drink my beloved latte at are Bluestone Lane and Birch Coffee.

10 Degrees 1.jpg

Soak in the knowledge at a local museum

What better way to stay warm than to just spend your whole afternoon indoors at a history museum or an art museum? Making your way through all the exhibits at a museum can possibly take hours and can definitely keep a person entertained for while. I recently went to peruse through the New York Historical Society's antique train collection and throughly enjoyed myself. Most museums also have little cafes or stores built in so give yourself some time to browse the shop options and the coffee selections. The restaurant at the Whitney Museum, Untitled, is suppose to have delicious chocolate chip cookies and warm milk.

NY Historical Society 5.jpg

Treat yourself to some delicious hot chocolate and dessert

The one good thing I can think of about winter is that there is finally a good legitimate reason to drink hot chocolate 24/7. New York has some of the best hot chocolates- the white chocolate option at LA Burdick is one of my favorites. Also- what can be cuter than this chocolate mouse? City Bakery, located in the Flatiron district, does an annual hot chocolate festival every February where they have a different unique flavor of hot chocolate every day and some of the flavors are pretty creative! In the past I've tried a salted caramel hot chocolate, a peanut butter and jelly one, and a lemon and white chocolate flavor.

10 Degrees 5.jpg

Watch a Broadway show or movie

The Broadway 2 for 1 deal (2 tickets for the price of 1) went on sale again this past Friday and I managed to score tickets to Aladdin- a musical that I've been wanting to see for a while now on account of being a Disney fanatic. Hiding out at a majestic show theater or going to the movies to watch the most recent hits is a great way to pass a cold afternoon. Bonus- there are some fantastic movies out right now. I loved The Greatest Showman (Hugh Jackman is beyond amazing) and I, Tonya (it had 3 Golden Globe nominations).

10 Degrees 6.jpg


It is never too cold for brunch. Bundle yourself up and head to your favorite brunch spot because the line will probably be shorter since other people will be staying in. Most restaurants won't kick you even if you stay a while so take your time enjoying food and conversation. I recently discovered White Gold Butchers, a little restaurant that is part of and located inside a butchers shop. So it was no surprise to me that their meat was so fresh and delicious, but their potato and cheese pastry was wonderful as well! There is always a table available and its the perfect place to come by yourself for some alone time.

10 Degrees 4.jpg


What are some activities you do when its too cold to be outside?

Looking Back on 2017

2017 was pretty much a stable year for me, in terms that nothing too drastic happened and no big life changes occurred. I continued working as an IT auditor and hit my one year anniversary at my company. Although my childhood dog, Furry, passed away, we welcomed 3 new puppies into our family- Flipper, Ellie, and Pongo. I finally convinced my two best friends to visit me (from Seattle and Texas) and we had a blast hitting up all my favorite spots in New York. I hit 4 foreign countries this year and fulfilled my New Year's Resolution of traveling to at least 3 countries this year. Best of all, I launched this blog! It was always my dream to have my own blog where I could share my thoughts and write about things I was passionate about. I'm so happy Toast and Travel became a reality this year.

Although I definitely feel that this year wasn't my biggest travel year, I felt that 2017 was  the year when New York finally became home. I had always though of my time here as temporary- just an escape or an adventure from my Texas life. I didn't make too much of an effort in making new friends and I actively chose not to buy bigger items for my apartment with the sole thought that it would be hard to move back home to Texas. However, this was the first year where I thought of my NYC life as permanent and I began to create a solid community for myself by joining local organizations, volunteering, and having favorite hang out spots. I have high hopes for 2018 and can't wait to see what the year has in store for me, both travel wise and personally.

Just wanted to recap some highlights from my 2017 travel adventures! Most of these happened before this blog was launched so there weren't posts on everything, but you can bet that next year there will be a post for everywhere I travel to.


Las Vegas- I spent MLK weekend here with some of my sorority sisters as part of our 1st Annual Alumnae Retreat and... discovered that Vegas isn't my ideal city.

2017 17.jpg


Austin- My pledge sister (for whom I was a bridesmaid for) had her first baby! Baby William was born in mid February and luckily I had already booked my ticket to visit and see this little bundle of joy.


London- I had a 7 hour layover on my way from New York to India and didn't waste a moment of my time by escaping the airport to see Buckingham Palace. I've always wanted to visit London and this layover only deepened my lust for the city.

2017 10.jpg

Hyderabad and Bangalore, India- Although I was initially scared to venture into this country, my time in India completely overturned any preconceptions I had on the country. I loved every second I had on this adventure!

2017 16.jpg


Boston- Met up with 3 other sorority sisters for an impromptu trip to this city! We drank tea off the Boston Tea Party ship, devoured tons of lobster rolls, and walked across the Boston Marathon finish line.

2017 11.jpg

Ithaca, New York- Wedding season finally started! I drove upstate to attend a gorgeous little rustic wedding and had the opportunity to go on a few winery tours.

2017 12.jpg


Tampa- Came here for a work trip and throughly enjoyed the sun! Although by week 3 I began to desperately miss the city life...

2017 13.jpg

Portland, Maine- My best friend (finally) came to visit me in New York and we took a mini road trip up to the very photogenic town of Portland. All we did was eat tons of lobster rolls, go lighthouse hopping, and ride boats into the sunset!

2017 14.jpg


Columbus, Ohio- My second wedding of the year was held here and I was able to check Ohio off my list of US states that I had not yet visited. Although there wasn't too much to keep us entertained, we enjoyed tasting a little of the Midwest.

2017 15.jpg

China/Taiwan- My family had a huge family reunion here and I was able to meet so many relatives. This is also where I chopped off half my hair... #shorthairdontcare #itwastoohot

2017 8.jpg


Houston- I took an emergency flight back home so I could be with my doggy before he passed away.

2017 1.jpg


Washington DC- My sorority had its annual National Convention here so I took the bus down for a weekend of history and sisterhood. I loved getting to meet up with sisters that I hadn't seen since last year's Convention.

2017 2.jpg

Montreal, Canada- I passed the quarter of a century life mark in this country and celebrated my birthday with my sister on our annual sisters trip.

2017 3.jpg


Savannah, Georgia- My very first blog post! My friend and I relaxed here over Labor Day weekend and ate our fill of Southern food.

2017 4.jpg

Long Island, New York- After touring a few wineries in upstate New York, I decided to check out another two wineries located out in Long Island and discovered the beauty that is there (only an hour from the city too).

2017 5.jpg


Chicago- Another work trip, but this one gave me the opportunity to take awesome photos with this shiny bean! I also had tons of fun eating deep dish pizza and taking pictures on a box hanging out over a skyscraper

2017 6.jpg

November and December

Houston- Family time well deserved and well spent. It was nice just having time to relax in my childhood home and see all my old friends from high school.

2017 7.jpg

All I can say is 2017 was a busy year for me! What were some places you traveled to in 2017?

Blogmas Day 17- Dessert Potluck Ideas and Recipes

Yesterday I hosted my very first dessert potluck Christmas party (yes it was also an ugly sweater party because why not) and I had so much fun! I probably had the most fun filling my apartment with the smell of freshly baked goods so I wanted to share the recipes of some of my desserts I baked for the party.

Cinnamon Banana Bread MuffinsI baked these for a Christmas party last weekend and they were a hit! So I decided to make them again for my own party :)

Butterscotch Chip MuffinsThis was a chocolate chip muffins recipe that I substitued with butterscotch chips because I was already making chocolate chip cookies and I wanted more of a variety.

Chocolate Chip CookiesMy first time using cornstarch in a cookie, but it helped the chewiness of the cookie a lot!

Brownies- You can never go wrong with serving brownies at a party.

Caramel Brownie Pie- I actually improvised this recipe on my own because I had a spare pie crust and didn't know what to do with it with the limited ingredients I had left. So I decided to make this easy brownie pie and topped it off with some caramel syrup. It was totally delish!

Blogmas Day 15- Postcards from NYC Department Store Windows

Its apparently a Christmas tradition in New York to walk around town and view all the holiday inspired store windows that the big department store decorate come December time. This was my first year doing it (mainly because I don't enjoy being squished by crowds of tourists), but I felt like I had to take advantage of living in the city and experience it. After some quick research, I planned out my path to hit all the major stores and set off!

Bloomingdale's- Bloomindale's collaborated with the recently release movie, The Greatest Showman, for its window theme this year. The result? Intricately designed circus themed windows with quotes by the legendary, PT Barnum at the bottom. While I didn't feel as if the windows were anything super spectacular, I've been wanting to see The Greatest Showman (after I found out Zac Efron was in it) so these windows definitely built up the hype.

Holiday Windows 3.JPG
Holiday Windows 4.JPG

Bergdof Gorman- The high end department store collaborated with various designers as well as musuems across the city to design its windows. I thought the museum collaboration was simply genius, especially because the store selected a wide variety of musuems including the Museum of Moving Images, Museum of Natural History, Museum of Modern Art, and the New York Botanical Gardens to represent its windows. My favorite was the window by the Natural History Museum, where you can see that they bedazzled the heck out of skeletons. Collaborations like these are rare so it was a treat for the eyes!

Holiday Windows 5.jpg
Holiday Windows 6.jpg
Holiday Windows 7.jpg
Holiday Windows 8.jpg
Holiday Windows 9.jpg
Holiday Windows 10.JPG

Louis Vuitton- Not a Christmas themed window, but I had to take a picture because Louis Vuitton collaborated with the famous modern artist, Jeff Koons, for its window displays this season. Koons has been one of my favorite artists since I saw his giant sculptures at the Whitney Museum a few years back. His sculptures are actualyl scattered around the city now (like the balloon dog located at Cooper Square).

Holiday Windows 11.jpg

Tiffany's- Their window displays were on a much smaller scale and also not necessarily themed for the holidays, but who can resist looking at expensive jewerly? Everything was so tiny and cute!

Holiday Windows 12.jpg

Saks Fifth Ave- In my opinion, Saks probably had the best holiday windows this year. Their theme was Snow White and not only did they display beautiful scenes from the movie, but they also collaborated with amazing designers (Monique Lhullier, Prada, Gucci, Marchesa) to create outfits inspired by the movie. I hoenstly loved every single window! Plus, the store has a light show every few minutes that plays! 

Holiday Windows 13.JPG
Holiday Windows 14.JPG
Holiday Windows 15.JPG
Holiday Windows 16.JPG
Holiday Windows 17.jpg
Holiday Windows 18.JPG
Holiday Windows 19.jpg

Rockefeller Christmas Tree- I took a tiny break from my Window sight seeing tour to snap a photo of the famous Rockefeller tree! I had originally wanted to come to the tree lighting ceremony earlier this month, but the crowds were beyond insane (it would have taken me about 30 minutes just to cross the sidewalk) so I avoided the area. The tree is so breathtaking though so I can see why people would suffer just to see it lit.

Holiday Windows 20.jpg

Macys- Macys had a general Christmas theme and heavily promoted its brand through the decorations. But the store usually goes all out in decorations inside as well so I had to step in to take a look!

Holiday Windows 1.JPG
Holiday Windows 2.jpg

Which store window was your favorite?

Blogmas Day 13- Top 5 NYC Eats

My friends are always asking me where to eat when they visit New York, so I decided to compile this list of my favorite NYC Eats. I actually had quite a hard time choosing only 5 restaurants to make the cut because New York has so many amazing places to eat.


Where: Koreatown

Type of Food: Korean

What to Order: If you are in Koreatown and too overwhelmed by all the food options (and trust me there are a lot), Bangia is a delicious choice. This is probably my favorite restaurant ever and I’ve actually had almost everything on the menu. Their jeon (Korean style fried pancakes) are amazing. They have 3 options: corn and cheese, kimchi and spicy pork, and seafood. Corn and cheese jeon is my favorite! Who doesn’t love binge eating tons of cheese?

Tip: Its only open after 5pm and you must be over 21 to enter (IDs are checked).



Where: Midtown East

Type of Food: Breakfast

What to Order: Uh duh... bagels! They have a variety of cream cheese options (including cookies and creme) and several combinations of giant bagel sandwiches. Honestly everything is good on their menu because their bagels are flavorful and the right amount of chewy.

Tip: Like any famous/popular New York eatery, long lines are expected. To cut down on your wait, preorder your bagels online so they will be ready when you arrive and you can save over 30 minutes of standing in a line.



Where: Lower East Side

Type of Food: Brunch

What to Order: The blueberry pancakes are mouthwatering and beyond anything words could describe. Each pancake (and you get 3!) is light and fluffy and stuffed with juicy blueberries. The chicken and waffles are also pretty tasty. Definitely worth any kind of wait.

Tip: The lines here are insane (we arrived at 10am and still had to wait an hour) so a tip is to try to go during the week or right when they open.

Clinton Street.PNG



Where: Chinatown

Type of Food: Chinese

What to Order: Soup dumplings and Noodles with Minced Pork Meat (Zhajiamein)

Tip: Be prepared to forgo your privacy and share a giant round table with other customers. The food is dirt cheap so they try to seat as many customers as possible. And bring cash!!

Shanghai Cafe.PNG



Where: West Village

Type of Food: Pizza

What to Order: Unless you have a lot of people, I would order their slices. The artichokes slice is beyond delicious- very creamy and cheesy. The crab slice is also one of my favorites because of its unique taste (it still tastes like pizza though so don’t worry).

Tip: Grab a slice and eat it on the High Line! The entrance stairs to the High Line park is only a 5 minute walk away.


Runner Ups- Like I said I had a really hard time narrowing down my list! So here are some restaurants that are just as yummy.


Where: Garment District

Type of Food: Japanese

What to Order: This is Japanese style tapas so all dishes are meant to be shared. I highly recommend the the creamy kimchi pasta and the fried takoyaki balls. Both dishes are so full of flavor and fairly priced. The omusoba (noodles wrapped in egg) is an interesting concept, but didn’t as great as I thought it would.

Tip: Come here right when it opens (6pm) to avoid waiting in ridiculous lines. Its located in a basement so keep a lookout for the entrance (it has a gray flag hanging over it)



Where: Lower East Side

Type of Food: Tex-Mex

What to Order: When I’m homesick and craving some good old queso, I come here. Its legitimate tex mex! Definitely order their chips and queso. The tater tots hash is also super yummy.

Tip: Come with more people so you can try more than 1 dish! The portions are Texas size.

Double Wide.PNG


I still haven’t had the opportunity to eat at New York’s 1st pizzeria, Lombardi’s, and think it could be a real contender for best food of New York. Where are some places you guys have LOVED or are waiting to try?

Blogmas Day 12- Postcards from the NY Botanical Gardens' Holiday Train Show

Touring the New York Botanical Gardens was one of the first posts I wrote about on this blog and now that its Christmastime and the Gardens have put up their annual train show, I thought it would be fitting to go back for a second visit. Unfortunately, the line for the train show was insanely long and I wasn't in the mood to deal with the crowds, so instead I decided to walk around the Gardens and see the beautiful grounds covered in white snow.

How to Get There- I got a few questions from my first post asking how I reached the Gardens since its so far up north in the Bronx. I actually took the D train to Bedford Park station and walked around 15 minutes to one of the Garden's many entrances. There may be other routes (including on the Metro North), but since I live on the west side of Manahttan and had an unlimited metro card), this was what was most convinent for me. 

Although the Rock Garden was closed for the season and it was kind of tough walking around the snowy grounds in 30 degree weather, the views were breathtaking. I rode the tram around the Garden once and got out at various stops along the way to explore. One of my favorites was stopping at the seasonal (and weekend only) Gingerbread Cafe, located behind the Conservatory. There were so many holiday desserts available and the mood was so festive!

Being from Texas, it was also my first time seeing a lake completely frozen over. I was so in awe of the frozen lake that I actually got really close so I could touch it to see if it was really frozen. 

NYBG 11.jpg
NYBG 1.jpg
NYBG 2.jpg
NYBG 3.jpg
NYBG 4.jpg
NYBG 5.jpg
NYBG 7.jpg
NYBG 8.jpg
NYBG 9.jpg
NYBG 10.jpg

Blogmas Day 10- It's Officially Ugly Christmas Sweater Season!

Although its not a season everyone partakes in, I've always found ugly Christmas sweaters to be so much fun! If anything, its interesting to see what other people have come up with. This year, my roommate and I are planning to host a dessert potluck (what's a sweater without dessert)/ ugly sweater party at our new apartment and I can't wait. After we sent out the invites, I got so many messages from people asking if they can just wear a normal sweater because they don't have anything ugly or Christmas related. First of all, everyone has at least one ugly outfit in their closets. But second of all, NO! Without festive Christmas sweaters, wouldn't the party just be a normal party and not a Christmas one? So here are some ugly sweater ideas for people who said they couldn't find ugly sweaters.

1. Vintage Stores- My roommate actually gave me this idea, but vintage stores have tons of old grandma style sweaters. Come Christmas time, they pull out the Christmas grandma sweaters! Check out the vintage stores in your area if you are looking for something unique or geuninely weird.

2. Wal Mart- Probably THE place for cheap apparel that looks a little bit off. It's also everywhere and open 24 hours- perfect for those last minute shopping runs.

3. Forever 21- Although most of the Christmas sweaters here are more cute than ugly, they are at a low price point so you don't feel as if you are wasting your money on a one time sweater (although I plan to wear my a few times this December). This is the sweater that I'm actually planning to wear!

4. Macy's- Because who doesn't want to BE the tree on Christmas Day?

5. Target- Of course the mothership of retail shopping will have awesome Christmas sweaters!

6. Tipsy Elves-  If you're looking for truly ugly and weird sweaters...

Blogmas Day 6- Kathleen's Unique Gift Guide

One of the most stressful things about the holiday season (besides the huge crowds everywhere) is finding the perfect gift for your loved ones. You don't want to be boring and unoriginal by giving a bottle of wine or a giftcard, but at the same time, you don't want to buy something they will never use or even worse, regift. Having a type A personality, I always start my Christmas shopping early. As in July sometimes. I'm always on the lookout for stuff that my friends or family would like and then I save it until the holidays to gift them. Crazy? Probably. But it works for me! I'm always able to find gifts that fit the personalities of the receiver and I can get original items that are hard to find. Just in case you aren't as crazy as me, here's a list of unique gift ideas that I came up with! Be sure to click on the bolded words for links. Happy shopping!!

1. Jack Daniels Caramel Fudge- I'm pretty sure this one doesn't need an explanation.

2. Cute Mugs- Because who doesn't drink water or coffee? And is there ever such thing as too many mugs?

3. Personalized Treat Bowl- What can be better than making sure that everyone knows that ice cream is yours?

4. Bourbon Coffee Mix- Alchy plus caffeine? I'm sold.

5. These Pouches- They all have interesting statements on them so find the perfect saying for your friends!

6. Hard Boiled Egg Peeler- Peeling the shell off a hard boiled egg can be a common nightmare. But with this hand held device, the shell slides right off! Perfect gift for those frequent chefs.

7. Mini Donut Factory- This lifechanging machine lets you make your own mini donuts at home so you don't even have to step foot outside to get these delicious treats.

8. The Tasty Cookbook- You've probably seen those cute little Tasty videos on Facebook where they make cooking seem so simple. Tasty now has a customizable cookbook where you can choose which recipes you want to put together in a cookbook format so you can start that chef life without the need to hog the wifi.

9. Korean Beauty Products- The newest beauty trend that has swept America has got to be KBeauty. I've been using these overseas products for years and the quality (plus price) is so much better. Koreans really know their skin! There's also more of a variety of products so there is something for everyone. Minnavi is a new beauty brand that launched during the fall and is well known for their customizable options.

10. Make Your Own Boba Kit- As a proud boba obsessed fanatic, this kit is a dream come true. It provides you with the ingredients to make those delicious bubble tea drinks from the cafes!

Blogmas Day 5- Postcards from the Yankee Candle Pop-up Shop!

Pop-up shops are definitely the newest fad in town. Even Yankee Candle has one now! I was wondering how a candle brand would be able to pull off a successful, unique, and most importantly, Instagrammable pop up shop, but Yankee Candle did! Best of all, it wasn't too crowded at all. There were multiple different backdrops for photos and employees would offer smells from their candles as you walked around the store. I honestly was not aware that the brand offered so many different scents!

Candle Power 3.jpg
Candle Power 2.jpg
Candle Power 1.jpg
Candle Power 4.jpg

What are some pop-up shops you guys have been too?

Blogmas Day 4- I'm in Christmas Market Heaven!

I never even knew Christmas markets were a thing until moving to New York. Growing up in a Houston suburb, we didn't many city wide events since people were more into staying home and being with family and friends. But in New York there are Christmas themed markets everywhere! They are great places to get into the Christmas spirit and get a head start on your Christmas gift shopping. Even without buying anything, its still nice to take in the different sights and smells (yes there is always food and drink available for purchase).

Bryant Park Winter Village

TONS OF PEOPLE EVERYWHERE. That's honestly how I would characterize my experience at the Winter Village. I went on the night of the Skate-tacular when Olympian figure skaters were performing and it was beyond crowded I could barely move and I definitely couldn't even see the rink. On the positive side, there was a good variety of vendors, both food and items.

Holiday Markets 2.jpg
Holiday Markets 9.jpg

Grand Bazaar- Holiday Edition

The Grand Bazaar (located on 77th street and Columbus Ave) occurs every Sunday and is basically a giant flea market where you can find all sorts of knick knacks, handmade items, and vintage goodies. Occasionally, they have themed market days based on the upcoming holidays. Since Christmas is right around the corner, they are hosting a Holiday version of their flea market and adding vendors that specialize in ornaments and many other Christmasy items. There is an indoor and outdoor portion. Come check this market out if you are vintage obsessed or just looking for something more unique.

Holiday Markets 11.jpg
Holiday Markets 12.jpg

Columbus Circle Holiday Market

Very similar to the Union Square Holiday Market in setup, but I noticed a few more chocolatiers set up here (the vendor called No More Chewing has delicious chocolate truffles!). I also managed to snag a cup of free hot chocolate from the Citi Holiday Lounge. I would say this market had the same amount of people as Union Square- not too crowded but still a decent crowd.

Holiday Markets 8.jpg
Holiday Markets 7.jpg

Union Square Holiday Market

This was probably my favorite market because the space was slightly larger and there were more vendors here than any other market. Although, by this point I was starting to notice that the vendors at Union Square were also at Columbus Circle and Bryant Park. It was still nice to see all the unique items up for sale (Swedish dishcloths??) and get ideas for Christmas gifts for my loved ones.

Holiday Markets 4.jpg
Holiday Markets 3.jpg

Grand Central Holiday Fair

This market was by far the smallest of the 5. There were only 3 rows of vendors located in Vanderbilt Hall of Grand Central. Come here if you are looking for more higher end stuff.

Holiday Markets 5.jpg
Holiday Markets 6.jpg

To be honest, I've been hearing amazing things about the Christmas markets in Edinburgh and London (complete with mazes and rides?) so I definitely feel like the New York Holiday Markets are lacking in that regard. However, this is probably due to lack of space... Hopefully, one day I'm able to visit Christmas markets around the world!

Have you guys been to any Christmas markets in your hometown yet?

Blogmas Day 1- Announcement + DIY Ornaments

I guess this is a late announcement as its already Day 1, but based on my readers' feedback plus inspiration from the vloggers on Youtube, I've decided to put my own spin on the Vlogmas tradition that has swept Youtube the past few years and I will be doing Blogmas instead! For those of you who don't know what Blogmas is, I'll be writing a blog post every single day from December 1 to December 25 in celebration of my favorite holiday. The topics will vary (hopefully a strong Christmas theme though), but new original content will be up every day. Yes, it will be so much work and a lot of content creating, but I'm so excited! Christmas is my favorite time of the year and its especially beautiful in New York. I love all the over the top store window decorations, the array of shining lights, the festive atmosphere, and best of all, the holiday parties! I can't wait to share all my holiday happenings with all of you.

During my Thanksgiving break back at home with my family, my sister and I spent the whole week decorating ornament balls and they turned out fantastic! It was actually more fun than I expected to design and paint all the ornaments. We started out with traditional Christmas themes like snowflakes and Santa, but ended up gravitating towards our favorite characters from Disney and other cartoon shows after seeing and inspirational Mickey and Minnie Mouse ornament. 

All you need to make these ornaments is plastic (or glass) clear ornaments that you can get from any craft store, different colors of acrylic paint, and extra materials like ribbon or rhinestones or pipe cleaners. Links below!


Blogmas 3.JPG


Acrylic Paint:

My sister and I simply googled all the designs we did and chose what we thought was in our talent range (we aren't professional artists after all!). Beware though that the ornaments may require several layers of paint in order to be fully colored so make sure you have time to spare. Another thing that bothered us was that since the ball was round it was hard to paint and not smear so we ended up putting one finger in the top of the ornament (after removing the silver part) to paint and then just blow drying our ornament until dry. Luckily acrylic paint dries quickly!

See any of your favorite characters? Get read to get creative!

Blogmas 5.jpg
Blogmas 4.jpg

Have any of you made ornaments before? What are some of your favorites?

Postcards from Storm King Art Center (and Thoughts on Taking Photos)

My Postcards posts are for places where I think pictures speak louder than words. Instead of detailing every thing I did, I am letting the photos I took show you what I experienced with the hope that you get to experience them for yourself.


I feel like I've been waiting forever for sweater weather and it's finally arrived... in November. Despite the crazy weird weather we've been having this year, I've been determined to throughly enjoy every season (something I could never to when I lived in Texas since there were really only two seasons- winter and summer there). So this past weekend my friend, Megan, and I hopped in a car and drove upstate to the outdoor art museum, Storm King Art Center. Storm King is located in 500 acres of open space where sculptures are spread throughout. It gives people a different perspective on how to appreciate art and blends the artwork so effortlessly with its natural surroundings. Most of you know that I love having photos taken of myself and Storm King was definitely a hot spot for photogenic photo opps. The sculptures combined with the beautiful orange red leaves was the perfect backdrop for a spontaneous photoshoot! I would strongly suggest heading here early in the morning so that there aren't too many people walking about (and interrupting your photos).

I've been asked before over whether or not I feel like I take too many photos of myself when I'm out. There are always mixed opinions on the subject- does taking and posing for photos distract from truly experiencing a place and appreciating it? My personal opinion is that as long as you are being respectful (be aware of certain locations where photography or silly poses is not ok) it is fine to snap away. For me, photos provide me with another outlet for me to immerse myself in my surroundings and grabbing for my phone or camera to capture what I deem beautiful is second nature to me. Similarly, I love including myself in these surroundings and having physical evidence of the memory of myself being there. After all, memories will eventually fade as we grow older or continue to experience life, but photos and film will last forever. When I'm in my 70s and flipping through a photo album or an online photo repository I want to be able to smile at the places I've been and the sights I've seen. When I have grandkids, I want to be able to show them what I experienced when I was younger and living life to the fullest. Another aspect of taking photos is that you are able to share what you are doing with your family and friends who you might not be able to see on a daily basis. This obviously has a limit as to what is the appropriate amount to share and there is a fine line between sharing your experiences and over sharing. But for me, my family and close friends either live in Texas or China so they are not only unable to go places with me, they also are unable to always hear me talk about what I've been doing. So these photos allow them into a piece of my life and keeps them updated on my New York adventures. I don't think it's vain or silly to have pictures taken of you when you visit somewhere and want to appreciate the time you spent there. Instead, I truly believe that photos help capture memories and help you relive them.

Storm King 1.jpg
Storm King 2.jpg
Storm King 5.jpg
Storm King 4.jpg
Storm King 6.jpg
Storm King 8.jpg
Storm King 7.jpg
Storm King 10.jpg
Storm King 12.jpg
Storm King 14.jpg

Do you guys like taking photos when you travel? What are your thoughts on people who have photos taken of themselves?

Weekend in the City and Thoughts on Appreciating Where you Live

I recently joined an amazing organization, The New York Junior League, and had the opportunity to meet and mingle with wonderful women in the city. It's been such a rewarding experience so far. But because of my obligations as a new member of the League, I haven't been able to travel and explore outside of New York as much as I would have liked. So instead, I've been doing tons of fun things in the city and enjoying the beautiful weather that has (finally) come our way. Sometimes I feel like I get so wrapped up in traveling to the newest most exciting destinations that I forget that my very own city is an exciting destination in itself. It can be hard to appreciate where you live when you fall into the trap of routine and a mundane life. You naturally start to get the impression that you have all the time in the world to experience things so you just think that there is always next time. Once you move away you start to realize that there was actually a lot you never had the chance to accomplish and you begin to wish that you hadn't wasted your time in the city. That is how I feel when I reflect back to my college years in Austin- I didn't do so many things (eat at Franklin bbq, swim in Hamilton Pool) when I lived there because I wasn't adventurous enough and I regret it immensely. I never want to under-appreciate my life in New York (my dream city) because I worked so hard to get here and know that eventually one day I may have to move back home to Texas. In a few years, it may cost the same for me to visit Europe, but it will definitely cost more for me to go back and visit New York if I'm no longer living there. So in an effort to never waste a single New York moment, I spent this weekend throughly enjoying the New York life.

Junior League Fall House Tour

I spent Saturday morning volunteering at the League's Fall House tour which is a fundraiser to raise funds that the League uses on their community partners. I was one of the lucky individuals helping out at the VIP house, which turned out to be one of the many homes of New York socialite and artist, Carolyne Roehm. The two floor apartment inside an Upper East Side luxury building was beyond gorgeous and a delight to see. The light filled high ceiling living room reminded me of the Metropolitan Museum of Art actually just because of all the priceless artwork displayed. Although it did feel a little depressing returning home to my tiny Hell's Kitchen apartment after volunteering in Roehm's home all morning, I still had a lot of fun! Isn't her home beyond beautiful?

Saturdays 3.jpg
Saturdays 2.jpg
Saturdays 1.jpg

Tompkins Square Dog Parade

I met my friends on Lower East Side for an hour of dog watching and tons of doggy licks. The annual Tompkins Square Dog Parade was adorable as usual and it was filled with so many dog owners and their beloved pooches decked out in Halloween costumes! I'm not sure if the dogs realized how cute they were, but some of them sure liked to pose for photos.

Saturdays 8.jpg
Saturdays 5.jpg


No weekend is ever complete without dessert! I have the biggest sweet tooth out there and I love trying out new dessert spots on my Yelp bookmarks whenever I can. This past Saturday I drank this DELICIOUS matcha strawberry latte from Boba Guys ( I added boba into the drink because why not) and devoured this horchita (roasted green tea) flavored ice cream from Matcha Cafe Wabi. Boba Guys arrived in the city last year by way of San Francisco and is known for using fresh whole milk instead of the powdered milk many other bubble tea shops use.

Saturdays 6.jpg
Saturdays 9.jpg


What is the weekend without brunch?? I ventured (my friends forced me) into Brooklyn for Sunday brunch at Cafe Luluc's and absolutely fell in love with the cute Cobble Hill neighborhood. Being the true Manhattanite that I am, I rarely leave the borough just because I feel like everything is so convenient and close by. But taking a day in Brooklyn and wandering into the shops around Cobble Hill after devouring my plate of eggs benny and fries was the perfect Sunday.

Saturdays 12.jpg


Brooklyn has so many iconic and beautiful places that we were literally taking our cameras out every few seconds to capture it all. Having spontaneous photoshoots with my friends is always a lot of fun and Sunday's was no different.

Saturdays 13.JPG
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What did you guys do this past weekend? Did you explore your city?

My Favorite New York Weekend- Open House New York

If you live in New York (or Chicago or London) and you haven't heard about Open House, then you are missing out on a hidden gem the city has to offer. Open House New York is two days every October when buildings that are usually closed to the public or buildings that usually cost money to enter are all free! It's a weekend that focuses on the architectural and design gems of New York. Most sites don't require reservations and allow individuals to simply walk in and attend tours free of charge. Some of the more popular sites or tours require a $5 advance reservation- and these reservations typically book up literally in minutes! In the past years I've had the opportunity to hear an architect speak about how he renovated his Chinatown loft from the comfort of his couch, toured a private Upper East Side home, wandered up on the roof of a Greenwich townhouse still under construction, and learned about the prototype for disaster housing. This year I managed to snag a ticket to visit the architect Paul Rudolph's iconic Modulightor home and also waited in line (for an hour) to climb the old steps of the Jefferson Market Library's clocktower to view a once a year view of downtown Manhattan. But the highlight of my 2017 OHNY experience was definitely getting the opportunity to tour Barnard College's newly renovated Diana Center. 

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Barnard College opened in 1889 as an educational institute for women and offered them a place to learn in a world that was dominated by men at the time. It is affiliated with Columbia University and was known as its female counterpart until 1989 when Columbia finally allowed women to apply. The school is named after the 10th Columbia University President, Professor Frederick Barnard, who pushed for the admittance of women. Barnard is mainly a liberal arts college and has distinguished alumni such as, Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers, and Cynthia Nixon.

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The Diana Center is Barnard's new student life center and was designed by the architect firm, Weiss/Manfredi. Once completed, it won a National AIA Award and a Progressive Architecture Award. It is a triangular shaped building that was given the Leed Gold certification, designating it as a green sustainable building. The building utilizes natural lighting to the fullest with its giant windows, diagonal lighting, high ceilings, and wide open spaces. Although I loved my university (proud Longhorn for life), I would have LOVED to have had the chance to study on those comfy red couches or worked next those big dreamy windows! There honestly wasn't a single spot in the building that I didn't consider beautifully designed. I especially appreciated the study space incorporated onto the building's rooftop with its gorgeous view. The tour guides mentioned that the ground of the roof was kept as light as possible in order to ward off heat in the summer as darker grounds tend to attract overheating. I thought that was a tiny detail that could potentially make such a difference.

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During the tour, the guides pointed out to us little design details (such as the double staircase shown above that was meant to increase traffic flow and the orange lines on the window panes that keep heat out in the summer and heat in during the winter) that I otherwise would have deemed insignificant. The tour opened my eyes to how architecture (something that isn't always noticed) can make a big difference in the way we live and interact with the buildings around us. I never knew how much work or thought goes into creating a building and now I think I'll pay much more attention to my surroundings. Although, my feet hurt at the end of each day from all the walking I did, my 2017 Open House weekend was a success! I can't wait until 2018 :)

Have you guys participated in Open House New York before? What are your thoughts on architecture?